Welcome to the WAVES!


Welcome back to our returning Waves’ Families and to 

our new Waves’ Families!  


We are so excited to be on this journey with all of you.  Thank you for choosing the CWGA Waves Swim Team! 


Here’s some team history…

The Waves have been on swim journeys since 1977! 

We moved into our home pool CAC when it opened its doors in 2011. 

Over the past 11 years, we have proudly been on the journey with swimmers that swam on the World Grandest  stages;  US Nationals,  Futures, Worlds (2017, 2019, 2022), Olympic Trials 2022, Paralympic Trials (2012, 2016, 2022)

2012 London Paralympics, 2016 Rio Paralympics, 2022 Tokyo Paralympics, D1 UNC, D1 Gardener Webb, D1 Loyola of Maryland, D2 Carson Newman, D2 McKendree University,  Ga Tech Club, US  Naval Academy, West Point,  members of a High Championship team,  State, Sectional and Zones. 

We can not wait to start another chapter with your swimmer! 

The Waves believe in goal setting and hard work during practice.  We swim smarter and believe teaching better technique is the answer to getting faster. 

Please have your swimmer fill out the attached Goal Form for their swim goals; short term (achieved relatively quickly)  and long term.  Encourage them to include how they plan on reaching their goals.  This paper will be turned in on their first day of practice.  (Remember they must Include their first and last name, age).  The coach(es) wants to help guide your swimmer on their swim journey. 


This email is packed with information including the new registration process!


  Plan of Action August 8th FIRST Day of Practice

Arrive 15  mins early prior to your swim practice time 

When swimmers arrive there will be 2 tables set up by

Last Name starting 

Table 1  “A” to “H”     Table 2 “I” to “Z”

Please go to the correct table, sign in/verifying account info, pick up your swim cap and get further instructions there.

* Everyone…yes…. Everyone must go to the table and sign in.  *Parents are encouraged to visit the table with their swimmer.  It is for verification of account info, pick up swim cap and should take maybe 2 mins per person.  We will have the news bulletin  there for an upcoming  Team Informational meeting covering meets, groups, practice and answer questions.  

You will receive your CWGA Waves Team silicon cap that day. 

*If you want to purchase extra CWGA swim team caps,  The cost will be $8 per cap.

  Correct amount of CASH (dollars) only.  NO change will be provided at that time or in the future.  


Please READ…

*At practice and swim meets your swimmer may ONLY wear CWGA Waves logo swim cap.

-No logo swimsuit (unless CWGA Waves)… that means no high school suits, no college teams and no neighborhood team suits.   

- ONE piece swimsuit 

- ALL swimmers will wear only the CWGA logo swim cap during practice… Yes, that means all males and females will wear a swim cap.

-Your swimmer must purchase the required swim gear that was listed and bring it into practice, must purchase equipment by August 22nd.

Equipment needed for practice:

-Kick board (cost approx $11 and up)

-2 pairs of competition style goggles (cost approx $15 and up)

-Long,Flexible, floating style swim fins (no Hard fins-scuba diving/snorkeling  fins) (costs approx  $19 and up)

-Pull buoy (costs approx $10)

-snorkel (not scuba/diving) (costs approx $23 and up)

-nose clips Need for using the snorkel-suggest to buy a color other than clear or blue-costs $3+

-Jump rope (for groups RW, JR RW, Jr Purples, 5D TS, 3D TS)

-Paddles (for groups RW, JR RW, Jr Purples, 5D TS, 3D TS) costs $10+

-Parachutes (for groups RW, JR RW, Jr Purples, 5D TS, 3D TS) costs $20+

Where do you purchase this equipment?  My favorite online store to purchase team equipment is   *Right now they have a 10% discount for first time purchasers. 


 ***All previous CWGA swimmers that have borrowed equipment from the Waves including boards, pull buoy, parachutes, hand paddles, cords, jump rope, stationary tethers MUST be returned August 8th.  All of this equipment must be in a closed bag with name on outside to avoid receiving a bill for non returned equipment.


Schedule of practice times:

Swimmers are not to be dropped off until 10 mins prior to practice time and must be picked at the end of your scheduled practice time.

*NOTE: Upon arrival at practice and swim meets all swimmers must do “meet routine” in shirt, shorts and athletic shoes.  “Meet Routine” is a way to stretch, warm up and get ready to focus on the task in front of them. 



4:30-6:30p Pool Tuesdays and Fridays

Dry land 4:45-5p then Pool  7p Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

*Morning Dry land via Zoom

Tuesday and Fridays 5:45-6:15am (Coach Eli)

***Dry land -shirt, shorts and athletic shoes are required. 



M-F 5:00-6:30p

Dry land M, W and TH 6:30-6:45p

ZOOM Dry land Tuesday and Friday at 5:45-6:15am with Coach Eli

***Dry land -shirt, shorts and athletic shoes are required. 


5 Day TS

M-F 5:00-6:15

*Dry land will be during your practice time.


3 Day TS

M, W, Th  5:00-6:15

*Dry land will be during your practice time


5 Day Purples

M-F 5-6pm

 *Dry land will be during your practice time


3 Day Purples

M, W, Th 5-6p

*Dry land will be during your practice time


Junior Blue

M, W, Th  6:15-7p




The athlete registration process  has changed per USA Swimming.  The CWGA  Waves coaches attended a ZOOM meeting this past week and are awaiting the additional info and instructions to go live with our side of registration, please have patience as we are all learning this process at the same time. 


Registration will be in two parts starting:

**August 7th CWGA Waves Team Registration and Monthly fee will be open.  


Go to- (Team Unify)

-Click the “Payment” tab


-Scroll Down in the option box until you locate your practice group. 

-Click your “Practice Group Name” the fee amount will be noted there.  This fee is monthly and go forth will be due on the 28th of the preceding month.  For example Payment for September will be due August 28th.  After the 2nd of the month, late fees are additional charges. 

*No exceptions.


-TO PAY the annual CWGA Waves Team Registration


-Opens August 7th 

-Click “Payment” tab

-Scroll until you see Team Registration $135. This fee will cover Team Registration, Ga Swimming LSC fee, insurance, one swim cap and one team t-shirt.



**August 15th for the online USA Swim Registration leg will open. 


USA Swimming portion of registration has now changed offering parents to choose memberships for certain age groups.  Every swimmer on the Waves MUST sign up for USA Swimming.  The change is for 12 and under May select “Flex Membership” or “Full Membership”.  Flex membership limits your swimmer to 2 meets per year.  *Full membership allows you to attend meets that are attended/ coached by the CWGA Waves Swim Team Staff Coaches. 


You will receive a link from our team that is specific to your swimmer -available membership type.   So….. please do not share the link as it will not work for every group.


Reminder….Safe Sport is always a priority for the Waves!

The hours in which Parents  may contact CWGA Waves coaches falls between 8a-8p.

Please use [email protected] for reaching out to the coaches.


When a swimmer contacts the coaching staff, they must include either both coaches or a parent/coach on all correspondence. 

“Coach to  Athlete “ one to one meeting and requested “Athlete to Coach” one to one  meetings are required to be on deck and will always be with 2 coaches or a CWGA Waves Coach, athlete and their parent(s).*If requesting a meeting please contact Coaching staff via  email to set up the meeting.(Unless it is a direct immediate emergency).


We love our CWGA parents involvement with our team but  we must follow the Safe Sport and Team Safety guidelines below:


-No Parents on active deck during practice.  Please sit in the stand upstairs. 

-No filming video or pictures during practice.

-No deck changing swimmers on deck(behind towels or other means) per The CAC Facility, CWGA Waves Swim t=Team and USA Swimming Athlete Protection and Safe Sport.


Get CWGA Waves news from the following places:

Team Unify News

Cumming Waves Swim Team facebook- link is located

Instagram- swimcwga

Primary Team Email- [email protected]



Policy is online and parents/swimmers are encouraged to read all CWGA Team Policies located under Information Tab/Documents  



Get CWGA Waves news from the following places:

Team Unify News

Cumming Waves Swim Team facebook- link is located

Instagram- swimcwga

Primary Team Email- [email protected]


Our ANNUAL SPIRIT WEAR SALE will take place ONE Day Only

(Behind CAC at the pavilion Swing Set area)


August 12th Friday

Checks  (made out to “Cumming Waves Swim Team”) or Cash

*Items available will be in  limited quantity.  No reorders will be available.


CWGA WAVES GOAL SETTING PLAN OF ACTION                            


Swimmer:  __________________________________________ AGE ___


Practice Group (CIRCLE) 

RW                                                          JRRW                              5D PURPLES  

3D PURPLES             5D TSUNAMI(TS)            3D TSUNAMI(TS)           JR BLUES


Short Term Goal : (The goal has to be something that is achievable in a short reasonable amount of time.)

_____________________ ____________________________________








Long Term Goal:

(This is a goal that you work towards in the distant future.)










“I f You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin