New Swimmer Evaluation Dates

Any potential new swimmers to AMFY must attend one of the three offered evaluation dates:

  • Wednesday, August 10 5:30-6:30p at North Y (Celina)
  • Thursday, August 18 5:30-6:30p at South Y (Minster)
  • Monday, August 22 5:30-6:30p at North Y (Celina)

You may attend any date, no preference is given to any day. You do not need to register in advance, just come to the Y at the indicated time. You do not need to be a YMCA member to take place in evaluations. Swim suit and goggles are needed, caps are recommended for those with long hair.

For the actual evaluatoin, we typicaly take 2-4 swimmers at a time and give them some things to do to evaluate their mechanics and what they can legally swim. They are in the water for around 10-15 minutes. It is not meant to be exhausting, and we do not time them. We want to ensure that they are proficient enough to enjoy the AMFY experience, or we can recommend swim lessons or another option if they're not yet ready.

We can let you know that day if they are "swim team ready" and give you our best guess on a practice group they would train in. We will notify you by August 23 if we have space on our team for your swimmer and how you can complete the registration process. 

Please email Coach matt ([email protected]) with any questions. Thanks!