New Mexico Swimming Athlete Rep Election VOTE NOW

Elections for the New Mexico Swimming athlete reps will be open August 1-5th via an on-line vote. Our very own Isabella Cabral is one of the   candidates! You can find her personal statement below. You just need to be a registered swimmer and 13 years of age or orlder to vote. If MOM & DAD, could help our athletes vote for Bella that would be appriacted.

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My commitment to the sport of swimming has spanned 13 years, the majority of those
years have been spent with the Vipers of Albuquerque Swim Team/ Roadrunners of
Albuquerque Swim Team. I have participated in this sport for the majority of my life I
know the ins and outs of New Mexico swimming. This past year I was informed by my
coach for a chance to become an athlete representative and jumped at opportunity. I
enjoy my position as an athlete representative but believe that I both my knowledge and
passion for the sport as well as my strong energetic personality can be used to fill the
position of senior or junior athlete representative. However, before joining the committee
of athletes I was honestly unaware of its existence. This is one of the main reasons why
I would like to be a board member in the first place is to make known to as many
athletes swimming in New Mexico as possible that there is a group in existence that
they can come to with concerns, complaints, and questions. Additionally this year I will
be entering my senior year in high school and would like to finish off my time swimming
in New Mexico with a more hands on and involved experience.