All Stars Info

All-Stars Info

Date:  Saturday, August 6

Location:  Little Neck Swim & Racquet Club, 864 Little Neck Rd, Virginia Beach (Event Map saved on Flying Fish FB page)

Warm Up Times:

                7:30-7:45 a.m.: 6 & under and 8 & under

                7:45-8:00 a.m.: 10 & under and 12 & under

                8:00-8:15 a.m.: 14 & under and 18 & under

Half-time Warm-Ups will be available.  Each age group will be assigned a lane to do a lap sprint.

                Lane 1: 6 & under

                Lane 2: 8 & under

                Lane 3: 10 & under

                Lane 4: 12 & under

                Lane 5: 14 & under

                Lane 6: 18 & under

Meet Start Time:  8:30

Clerk of Course:  All 10 and Under swimmers MUST check in with the Meet Clerk of Course at least 15 minutes before their event.  If they do not, they will be scratched.  The Clerk of Course is not someone on the Flying Fish—they are located at the corner of the pool—see pool map.  11 & older are to report directly to their lane.  There are only 2 heats per event and the meet moves quickly so it is each swimmer’s responsibility to be on time.

Parking:  Park at the church across the street from the swim club or on any of the neighboring streets.  You will not be allowed to park at the club.  Do not park on the grass.

Concessions:  Will be cash only.

T-shirts:  There is no pre-order for t-shirts.  In honor of being selected for All-Stars, we will buy your swimmer a t-shirt.  If you want to buy a different kind or a tank top, there will be t-shirt stand to purchase additional shirts.  If your swimmer does not want a shirt, please let me know by Friday.

Bleachers/Spectating:  There are bleachers along both sides of the pool.  You are allowed to come watch your swimmer and then move off the bleachers so each family is able to watch their swimmer.  Please do not park on a bleacher.

Tents/swimmer set ups:  Families can set up behind the clubhouse on their grassy area.  There will be a second announcer in the back so you can hear what is going on.  Cheshire normally sets up tents closer to the back fence.  You are allowed to set up your tent/drop off your tent on Friday night.  Please don’t set tent up if we are expecting weather.

First Aid:  There is first aid at the lifeguard stand at the entrance to the pool.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Coach will also be talking with the swimmers during practice.

Tracy 407-963-1094