Registering with USA Swimming - IMPORTANT

Dear JFAC families:

As some of you may know, starting with this upcoming 2022-23 swim season, USA Swimming is requiring that swimmers/coaches/officials to register individually online.  In years past, each club would collect registration info and send the payments to USA swimming.  Being a member of USA Swimming is required in order to swim in any meets. With a little patience, the new process should be just fine!

Each swimmer will need to create a new account with SWIMS 3.0 (the new USA Swimming member site). Each swimmer will also have a new USA Swimming member ID number.  The old number won’t work. Once you create a new account, it will ask if you were a member in the past.  If you were, all the old info and times will be linked with the new account.

Registration , it is a two-step process. 

For Existing Members (your swimmer was previously registered with USA Swimming):

The following link will take you to a video explaining how you create a new SWIMS account if your swimmer is an existing member:


Step by step:  Go to:


Create a username and password along with a personal email.

A verification code will be sent to the email indicated. Once verified, you will be asked for the new Member ID.  To obtain the new ID, click on Additional Information and follow the prompts.

Once you have the new membership ID, you will be asked to input it when asked.  You will then be asked to acknowledge some legal things.  Click yes to all and type in electronic signature for the swimmer.  Then, your new SWIMS account will be created.  

Once an account has been created, you can register for this year (2022-23) by clicking on this link:

Follow the steps and input your credit card info.

FOR NEW MEMBERS OF USA SWIMMING (never previously registered) – for detailed instructions you can go to



Click on

Click on  Create Login.  Go through those steps.  When asked if you have ever been a member before, answer No and follow the prompts.  

The rest of the steps will be as with existing members except you will go straight through and will not have to click on the above link again. 


Hopefully this will be a smooth process.  Any questions, please email.  Thank you!