The Week Ahead 2022-2023 (#3)

In this Week Ahead:

  • About the Week Ahead
  • Practice News
  • Facility News
  • Meet News
  • Team News
  • Countdown to Champs

About the Week Ahead: 

The Week Ahead is our main communication with the team as a whole. It covers a variety of new items that we feel are important for our families to be aware of (i.e. upcoming events, schedule changes, meet information etc.)  We encourage all team members (both swimmers & parents) to take the time to read through this each week as it often includes answers to many of the questions we receive. We recognize that in many cases the information that is included is repeated from previous weeks ahead, but we strive to include new information with each WA. It is our hope to provide the very best service for both our athletes and their families. In an effort to highlight the newest information we will begin to bold & highlight the above bullet points. 

We hope that our weekly email is helpful and informative. 

Practices News: 

September 6-20th Schedule

  • Please be sure to arrive 5-10min prior to the start of your child's practice. Please refrain from arriving earlier, in many cases there are other practice groups in the water and we do not want to disrupt their training. 
  • These first two weeks are generally very crowded because Quince Orchard is not yet ready. The lanes should thin out as more practice options become available. 
  • A reminder: High School Prep & Jr. Developmental groups have Practice Maximum's swimmers should not be attending more than the allotted max for these group. (HSP: 4x per week, JD: 3x per week) These practice maximum's will be enforced once we move to our Full Schedule. 

Facility News:


Update on Spectators: This only applies to MC-Rockville. The management at MC-Rockville has revised their rule on parents staying to watch practice. Parents are encouraged to continue walking their swimmer out to the pool deck and are then allowed to watch from the gallery.

  • Mothers bringing sons or Fathers bring daughters can alway escort their child to the edge of the gallery and allow the swimmers only to access the deck from the gallery stairs.

Parents/Guardians staying to watch practice MUST wear masks, practice social distancing and refrain from using any recording devices while in the gallery. We also ask that parents in the gallery not interact with their swimmers while practice is being conducted. 

Parents must access the gallery from the hallway and cannot use the stairs on the far side of the pool. 

  • To Access the gallery: 
    • From the Women's Locker Room: Stairs leading to the gallery will be on the right side after exiting the main locker room entrance.
    • From the Men's Locker Room: Follow the hallway towards the building exit. Take the stairs down to the first floor. The gallery stairs will be on the left before reaching the women's locker room. 
  • To Exit the gallery: 
    • All spectators must exit the gallery via the gallery stairs. DO NOT EXIT through the emergency exits off the gallery


Because there is no viewing gallery at MC-Germantown parents will not be allowed to watch from the pool area. Parents can remain in the lobby during practices but will not be allowed to stay in the pool.

Minors on Campus: Per our agreement Montgomery College young athletes must be escorted to and from the facility. Young swimmers can access the pool deck from the viewing gallery or be escorted through the locker room. Please note that for the safety of our swimmers we will utilize the buddy system when traveling to the locker rooms once swimmers have been left on deck.  Minors on Campus literature

Accessing Facility:

MC-Rockville (MC-R):    Campus Map, Use Parking lot 3 or Parking Deck 

  • From Lot 3: Follow the walkway to the double doors at the top of the handicap ramp. 
  • From Parking Deck: Turn left, and left again after exiting the parking lot. Take the stairs up to the double doors.

Once inside: 

  • Female Athlete: Take stairs down to the first floor and walk to the end of that hall. The entrance to the ladies locker room is directly ahead. ( note the women's locker room is a bit of a maze.)
  • Male Athlete: Walk around the down stairs and follow the hallway to the right. The entrance to the men's locker room is across from the vending machine.
  • Parents/Guardians: After escorting your athletes into the facility please exit through the lockerrooms. 

MC-Germantown (MC-G):    Campus Map, Use Parking Lot 5

  • From Lot 5: Follow the steps up towards the PE building. Enter building through the main entrance and proceed towards lockerrooms. Access to the pool can only be reached via lockerroom.  

Parking Passes are currently not required. But please be certain to only park in spaces with White Lines. (Yellow Lined spaces are for faculty only and may result in a fine)

Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club (QOSTC): Tentative Open date will be 9/22. We will send a separate email once we have received confirmation 

Meet News: 

  • This is our second email for swimmers interested in participating in meets this coming season please click here to generate an email. If you have already replied to the initial email you do not need to generate a new one. 
    • Meet participation is only open to swimmers in the following groups: (Jr. Developmental, High School Prep, Verde, Celeste, Celeste Plus & Azul)

  • New RMSC October Kick Off: 10/14-10/16: We have been invited to attend the RMSC October meet. We will be attending this meet instead of the October Open. Meet Announcement and Entry File will be released soon and a separate email will be sent out. 
  • October Open: 10/14-10/16: This meet will be the first meet for this season. Meet Announcement (event file not available yet)
  • PAC Rockhopper Penguin 10 & Under Meet: 10/30: First mini meet of the season. 

Team News: 

The Tiburones are also in search of parent volunteers to become PVS Officials. If interested please email the office and we will connect you with our  Officials Liaison Steve Johnson.

2021-2022 PVS Scholar Athlete Award - DEADLINE is October 31

Information and Application for the 2021-2022 PVS Scholar Athlete Award. Note that this is different than the USA Swimming Scholastic All American program (see below). Athletes must submit their own applications. Questions should be directed to the PVS Scholar Athlete Coordinator Dave DiNardo.

  • General Goal Sheet  

Updating Account Information

  • Account Updates: Members can update most information on their accounts. Remember to always click SAVE before exiting.

    • Emails: Log In> My Account > My Account> Account Info>Enter up to 3 additional emails. 

    • SMS/Text: Log In>My Account > My Account> Account Info>Enter an SMS cell number and select its Carrier 

      • To add an SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click the Members tab and then click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen.

    • Payment Information: My Account > Set Up Autopay>Add New Card or Add Bank Account> Save.

Countdown to Championships

  • Holiday Invitational: 87 Days
  • Jr/Sr Championships: 164 Days
  • Cherry Blossom: 179 Days
  • 14 & Under JO Championship: 171 Days
  • ISCA Junior Nationals: 183 Days
  • Sectionals: 185 Days