News and Notes from the AMS Office

Certification Uploading: Those coaches and Officials who have new or renewed certifications and need them updated in 3.0 for this weekend should make sure I have them no later than 12 noon on Thursday. The Backup to the Meet Director, Officials Chair, Coaches Chair and Safesport will be sent at that time. If you renew after this time, be sure to bring screenshots or paper copies of the certs to the meet for check-in.

Elections and the HOD: Our AMS Elections and the Spring HOD will be held on June 21 (More Information to follow next week) You still have until May 24th to Nominate or Self Nominate for the open positions. Please consider running for one of the positions that are open this election cycle.

Records: It has been too long, but we plan to have a complete updated AMS Short Course Records report on the web site by the close of business on Thursday. The report will be filtered slightly differently than in the past, now it will be in an Event/Age format.  We should have the Long Course Records up by the close of business next Friday. The goal is to update monthly as we move forward.

Swim Fast!