Crocs Co-Designer Brings New Water Sport to the Northwest

Crocs Co-Designer Brings New Water Sport to the Northwest


Local Resident and Crocs shoe developer Kevin McCarthy is “fitting feetý for the new water-disk sport, SKWIM.


February 23, 2010, Redmond, Washington – Foam shoes and water sports may not seem related, but for Kevin McCarthy, a co-designer of several popular Crocs Shoes, the two go hand and foot, so to speak.  SKWIM, McCarthy’s brain child, is a fast-moving  water sport designed for people of all ages and abilities.  Players wear specialized swim fins, and attempt to score by sliding a soft foam disk into their opponent’s circular goal. After years of development, the sport is finding a home in Puget Sound area pools and lakes.


Combining traditional swimming with sportsmanship and strategy, SKWIM attracts players with new equipment that uses dynamics found in bodysurfing, air-hockey and basketball.   “SKWIM grew from a global need to create an interactive water sport for all ages says Kevin.  “Playing SKWIM is fun and it helps develop water-safety.  Conventional swim instruction is vital, but few children stay involved long enough to become competent swimmers, and fewer yet join the discipline of competitive swim-racing.  SKWIM requires little previous swim experience, and builds skilled, versatile swimmers, or, as we call them, ‘Skwimmers’. The sport promotes tactical teamwork, allows room for personal style, and develops strong swimming skills. 


Kevin attributes part of the sport’s success to the use of Positive Drive Fins, that are designed to work with the natural motion of the human foot. The ‘PDF’s’, as they’re known to competitive swimmers, have gained a reputation over the years as a premier training fin for Olympic caliber athletes.  “Fins open the sport to more people, equipping them with more confidence, power and speed.  With the PDF’s, most people can jump into SKWIM and comfortably play a full game.


SKWIM was started in 2007 in Redmond, Washington and is governed by the SKWIM International Association.   SKWIM Northwest the regional affiliate,  is responsible for developing the sport in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.   SPRING SKWIM for 2010 begins in April at many Puget Sound pools.   More information can be found at or




For more information on this topic please call Shari Tumey(425) 869-6505 or 800-SKWIM-IN visit  SKWIM™ is a registered trademark of SKWIM International, Redmond, WA  USA.  Positive Drive Fins™ is a trademark of Bettetimes, Santa Fe Springs, CA.