2018-2019 Season

August 10, 2018


Information for the upcoming season is attached to this message as well as posted to the website.  Registration for the program will open by Thursday, Aug 15, 2018.  Online registration is required to participate.  To prepare for the registration process, all accounts will be marked “suspended” as of today.  Accurate, up to date information will continue to be posted to this website but email announcements will only be delivered to “active” accounts.  Your account will not become active until your registration is processed.  Several documents are part of this communication including: Nutmeg1819 annual program registration, SC Calendar & Meets Document, 1819Annual Event Calendar, & Registration FAQ.   You will find a great deal of info in these documents; a summary of important dates is as follows: 


August 10th: All accounts switched off.

August 15th: Registration Opens

August 20th: “Senior” Group Meeting

August 27th: “Age Group” Group Meeting

September 5th: Practices begin

September 11th: Suit Fitting

September 11th: New Parent Meeting

September 12th: Apparel Orders Due


Information on apparel, team suits, and custom caps will be delivered via email following your registration.  We have signed a team agreement with TYR and will be selecting a new team suit and preparing our bulk team orders through Connecticut Sporting Goods in East Lyme.  Further details to follow but this year we will select bags, sweatshirts, and suits for team attire in addition to seasonal t-shirts.  TYR has indicated that warm-up suits and parkas will be updated next year so we will wait for the new items to be released before selecting one for the team.  


Goal sheets will be collected online and will be available before practice begins.  These will be distributed via email and require submission from the athlete.  It is important that athletes work through these processes to make coach/athlete meetings valuable.  Ownership of performance and development is a critical asset to highly performing athletes.  Engage your athletes in this process, but don’t do it for them!!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email.  Thank you!


Registration Information Packet

Schedule Snapshot

1819 Important Dates