Warren Meet Results!

The Lebanon Swim Club participated in a competitive meet in early December at the Warren Aquatic Center.  Some of the highlights of the meet for the club included the medley relays for the 8 and Under and 11-12 year old Girls teams, as well as many strong swims by those swimmers who attended.  As a tradition at this meet, the first major snow of the year happened while swimmers were heating up the pool.  Top 16 finishers included:  

Troy Christopher:  6th 25 Fly, 6th 25 Back, 6th 50 Free, 11th 25 Free

Corbin Daisley:  6th 200 Free, 15th 100 Back

Sydney Daisley:  5th 500 Free, 6th 200 Free, 13th 100 Fly, 11th 100 Back, 15th 100 Free

Tate DeLaRosa:  10th 200 Free

Cora Dial:  5th 100 Back, 11th 200 IM, 12th 100 Free

Samantha Dunshee:  1st 100 Medley Relay, 4th 25 Back, 4th 25 Fly, 8th 50 Back, 8th 25 Free, 6th 50 Free

Anna Hale:  4th 200 Medley Relay, 5th 100 Back, 6th 50 Free, 8th 200 IM, 12th 50 Breast

Paige Howard:  4th 200 Medley Relay, 13th 200 Free

Kira King:  4th 200 Medlay Relay

Madaline Luchetta:  1st 100 Medley Relay, 3rd 25 Breast, 3rd 25 Fly, 4th 50 Back, 4th 25 Free

Alaina McCann:  5th 100 Breast, 4th 100 Fly, 7th 50 Fly, 10th 50 Free, 8th 200 Free, 11th 50 Back

Easton Nance:  2nd 50 Free, 3rd 50 Breast, 3rd 50 Fly, 4th 100 IM, 4th 25 Fly, 5th 25 Free, 6th 25 Breast

Camden Perrine:  2nd 100 Free, 3rd 50 Free, 4th 50 Fly, 6th 50 Breast

Zach Perrine:  4th 200 Free, 12th 50 Free

Beck Stevens:  2nd 50 Back, 4th 100 Free, 5th 25 Breast, 7th 25 Free

Jessie Stevens:  4th 200 Medley Relay, 13th 50 Fly, 14th 200 Free, 16th 100 Back

Sloan Stevens:  1st 100 Medley Relay, 6th 25 Fly, 11th 50 Back

Mason Stillwell:  9th 200 Free, 15th 50 Free, 16th 100 Free

Claire Wilhoite:  1st 100 Medley Relay, 1st 25 Fly, 2nd 50 Fly, 2nd 25 Back, 2nd 100 IM, 2nd 50 Back, 3rd 100 Free, 3rd 25 Free, 3rd 50 Free


Fantastic swimming Tigersharks!  Be on the lookout for the announcement of the February meets, including the closed Noblesville Invite that all swimmers are expected to attend.