10 Traits of Great Coaches

Traits of Great Coaches

"Good coaching is being involved with the athletes while they are doing their thing. 
   Great coaching is being active and involved throughout every practice, every day, with every athlete.
                                                                                                                                          Coach Yourd

Observe the coaching of daily practices...Does the Coach add energy to the practice by his/her physical presence, words, actions, and attention?  Just once in a while, for a few minutes?  Or throughout the entire practice?

10 traits of great coaches - consistent daily actions - 100% of the practice time

1. Great coaches watch the athletes the entire practice, they do not look at their phone.

2. Great coaches stand throughout the practice.

3. Great coaches engage in conversation with no one but the athletes during the practice.

4. Great coaches walk the deck throughout the practice.

5. Great coaches speak with each athlete during each practice.

6. Great coaches reinforce desired behaviors and actions, positively and frequently.

7. Great coaches teach athletes the tools for success and reinforce their use.

8. Great coaches know swimmers times in practice performances.

9. Great coaches explain the purpose of set or training item to athletes.

10. Great coaches are continually learning, looking for better ways to help their athletes improve!

How much of the practice time is the Coach actively engaged directly with the athletes, both individually and collectively?  Great coaches? 100% of the practice time.  Every practice.