2019 Spring & Summer Evals & Registration


NAAC will host new swimmer evaluations from Tues April 2 through Thurs April 11 this spring, all evals at the NAHS pool at the dates and times listed below.  Please simply bring your new swimmer to any single NAAC evaluation, ready to swim, and we will conduct a brief (15 min +/-), in-water skills eval to let you know which group would suit your new swimmer best this spring.   No appointment necessary.


2019 Spring New Swimmer Evaluations

Tues April 2                6-7pm

Thurs April 4               6-7pm

Sat April 6                  1:30-2:30pm

Mon April 8                 5-6pm

Thurs April 11             5-6pm


Your swimmer can then attend that groups regular practices to see if it is a good fit, and then register in that group before the registration end date below.  All group practices are listed on our homepage Google Team Calendar, and general group info is posted HERE.  Further general Team Info can also be found on our 2018-19 Season Parent Meeting notes posted HERE, and equipment lists per group can be found HERE.

Spring registration will be open from Wed April 10 through Fri April 19 for available spots per group.


Spring and Summer NAAC fees 2019

Spring Only

Registration for team practices April – Fri leading into Memorial Day Weekend

Open Wed April 10, closes Fri April 19

Breaker                       $130

Ripple                          $175

Wave                           $230

Tsunami                       $290


Spring & Summer

Registration for team practices April – end of summer

Open Wed April 10, closes Fri April 19

Hurricane                     $550

Typhoon                      $620

Cyclone                       $680

Elite                             $800


Summer Only

Registration for team practices June – end of summer

Wave & Tsunami for current 2018-19 Team Members only

Open Sat May 11, closes Sat June 15

Wave                           $185

Tsunami                      $185

Hurricane                    $325

Typhoon                      $390

Cyclone                       $500

Elite                             $600

College                        $360