Ice Skating for Skiers!

 ***  NEW FOR 2019!! ***


This class will begin Monday 10/14 and end Monday 12/20. It will take place at the Hanley Ice Rink from 5-6pm. Participants in this class can wear either hockey or figure skates and we will focus on Skating as cross training for Skiing. Ice skating is a great low impact exercise that helps with balance, flexibility, quickness, agility, and building lower body muscles. Come try out the class and cross train to get ready for the slopes. Cost is $260 for the Session. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Alysha Patterson at  or 970-237-0332. 



  1. REQUIRED!  Become a Member of Learn to Skate.  Go to    Click 'Become a Member', select 'Skater / Parent of a Skater'.
  2. After getting your Skate Membership, Register with TSSC Figure Skateing Club.  Go to ACTIVE Works, Select View next to  Telluride Figure Skating Club to register for which days and sessions you would like to participate in (the more you do the more discounts you get!)
  3. Make sure your skates are sharpened! The Nordic center is planning on opening hopefully before the first day of skate class so we can all get our blades nice and sharp.