OnDeck App for Parents


Parents on swim teams utilizing the TeamUnify SwimOffice Platform (CAST's current platform), can now wirelessly synchronize/view their account information, kids [swimmers] attendance, past swim meets attended, search every swim meets results, best times and compare them to national time standards. Then, view all upcoming swim meets the swimmer(s) have declared to swim. Once at the meet a parent can assign heat and lane for each race, time races and then compare to all time standards. There's even a Splits Math calculator to determine splits for swimming races of a certain distance and/or time.

OnDeck will even show all events with available jobs and the ability for a parent  to sign-up and synchronize the requested jobs the swim team's TeamUnify Swim Team Management Platform. Last but not least, is the ability to customize the OnDeck experience, all wirelessly from the palm of a hand. Revolutionary and Free.

For more information click here.  For the time being, this app is only compatible with iPhones and iPads.