DDPADear PTAC Families:

For general safety reasons as well as the respect for school district property, the school district has asked that all organizations using district facilities be reminded that use of district facilities is a privilege.  With that in mind, please obey the following rules:

No running, jumping or horseplay is allowed in the hallway outside of the pool area.  Families are always welcome to sit or stand in the hallway areas while waiting for practices to conclude. 


No running, jumping or horseplay is allowed in the pool balcony area.  This includes running up and down the stairs, or leaning over or hanging from railings and banisters.


Siblings of team members are to be supervised at all times.  Siblings of team members are not to be left unattended in the hallway areas for any reason.


Absolutely no throwing of any objects (balls, frisbees, etc.) in the pool hallway areas.


Athletic equipment left sitting in the pool hallway areas is not to be used or touched.


Thank you for your cooperation in following the district rules.