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Parent OnDeck app available for smart phones

If you have a smart phone, the FREE Parent On Deck smart phone app is now available in the Android store and the iTunes App Store .

This is a mobile application for parents of swimmers. This is a great app to have with you while attending swim meets...or just to kill time while at your kids’ practice! The app was created by Team Unify, the folks who run our website and team database and billing system.

Here are some features:

Meet Results -- You can use it to see your swimmer’s historical meet result times from every USA Swimming meet they have ever swum. And it is updated with new meet results every time you sync your app with the results on our website. Just a tap of the “sync” button on your phone is all that is required.

Account/Swimmer Management -- OnDeck pulls the up-to-date swimmer database exactly as we have your swimmer’s information in our website database. When you synchronize OnDeck with our data, you'll see exactly what contact information we have for you. If there are issues or changes needed, you'll know to login into your account to make changes.

In your Account view, you also see all of your kids with their age and the roster group to which they are assigned. Tap on one of your kids’ names, and you'll see a wealth of information -- a full history of all meets swum with instant access to results, plus best their times, with instant access to results and ability to compare times to local and national time standards.

You can see complete info about this application on Team Unify's web page.
You will need the team's "alias" to log in - which is gsas (Gulf Swimming, Aquastar Swimming).
Additionally, another useful and free app for tracking your swimmer's times and meet results is MEETMOBILE. Although it is not tied into our team database, the majority of meets in which we participate feed data to MeetMobile.