Team Supporters
Website Update

We are pleased to announce the deployment of our new team website and team management system which includes powerful email communication and billing tools. This new toolset will enable our coaches and team administrators to better communicate and manage our team.

We will continue to update the new site and email further instructions on the various tools you will be able to access via this new site. You will be able to sign up for meets, have access to what events you can choose, see you swimmer's times, etc.

One of the most important benefits to our team administrators will be the ability to effectively invoice and track payments from our membership for the upcoming season.

Immediately following this email, you will be sent a system generated email with your login credentials to your own private account and email. This email will grant you access to your own secure account. Please login on our new website and update all of your contact information.

As we prepare for our new billing system, it is especially important that you update your email addresses with an email address that you use actively as we will rely heavily on email communication from this system to keep you updated on team activities, events and billing. As importantly please ensure that the rest of your contact information is accurate as well.

Please contact with any difficulties you may have logging in to your account or questions.