People swimming Champs

These are the people swimming at Champs (that are 14 and younger).  Remember that this is a prelims / finals meet so everyone swims in the morning and then the top 12 swim again at night.  Relays only swim at night and nearly everyone is in a relay so make sure that you check with a coach before leaving prelims in the morning.  All 8 and Under events are only swam on Saturday morning.  More Champs info will be out soon, just wanted to get the list up now so we're all on the same page.


8 and Under

Girls                                         Boys

AsiaBeard                                         Brett Bostelman

Jayla Brackman                                   Karson Hoffman

Mary Carpenter                                  Hayden Hartman

Claire Durham                                    Drew Nagel

Shannon Finn

Claire Flanagan

Haylee Hartman

Kallista Helberg

Karleigh Hoffman

Macee Ripke

Elizabeth Theobald




Olivia Bostelman

Brittany Boysel

Sophie DelFavero

Alyssa Jackson

Shea Kreinbrink

Jasmine Light

Kaylee Nagel

Mariah Oberhaus

Jordyn Sonnenberg

Katrina Tran



Girls                                         Boys

Abby Allison                                       Matthew Krueger

Ashley Apple

Hannah Beard

Lynsey Bressler

Autumn Nagel




Girls                                         Boys

Karsyn Ashbaugh                                Justin Anderson

Richelle Avers                                    Jon Creager

Sarah Carpenter                                Kyle Kreinbrink

Kennedy Hall                                       Drew Garringer

TaylorIllif                                         Luke Gruenhagen

Jada Sonnenberg

Katie Stover

Katherine Tran