Letter to Parents: November 2012

Hello LMT Swimmers, Divers and Families:

We hope this email finds you getting ready to celebrate the crazy holiday season! Although we are still a half-year away from summer swim, the LMT Board is continuing its planning for the 2013 Season.

In response to some of the feedback we received from the season-end survey, we have begun to make some changes for the upcoming 2013 season. Here’s a heads up regarding some of the changes we are planning:

  • Gator & Croc Team Division: Our goal is to make 2 teams with winning records so we will be adjusting the guidelines for team placement this year. The top 3 fastest swimmers in each event will be Gators, next 3 fastest swimmers will be Crocs, next 3 Gators, next 3 Crocs. In the past it was the top 5 in each stroke.  We encourage parents to start discussions with their swimmers that teams will be changing this year and swimmers may be placed on a different team than they are used to. We will not keep swimmers on a team just because that’s where their friends always were or because they have been on that team for a few years. In 2013 all placements will be done “from scratch.” With this change in policy, swimmers will (more regularly) change teams from year to year. Accordingly, we will condense our Team Records to a 1-team format (no more Croc and Gator record division).
  • In order to reduce the length of meets, we will be incorporating the following:
    • We will have a new (lower) minimum number (2) of events each swimmer can swim at dual meets. The old minimum was 3. (This will be in alignment with our league guidelines)
    • We will have a “Recreational-Only” option where kids who sign up for this option do not swim at dual meets. Parents of these children will not have to volunteer at dual meets. (There is no monetary discount for this option)
  • Coaching structure will be evaluated and improved
  • Fees for Swim and Dive teams will both be increased due to increased coaching and insurance costs.
  • Post-home meet pizza parties will be back!
  • Volunteer Requirements will increase by at least 1 (possibly 2) jobs.

If you have any questions regarding the above comments, please feel free to reach out to any board member. Also, please remember that board meetings are always open to our team parents. If you would like to attend a meeting, please let us know and we will let you know when the next meeting will be held.


The Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast was so successful that we have set the date for our Spring event so Save the date: Saturday, June 15th from 8-10am!!

Registration will open April 1st for returning families.

Thanks again for a great season and keep a lookout for future email updates.
Happy Holidays!

Your LMT Swim & Dive Team Parent Board