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CATS Meet Cheat Sheet


CATS Aquatic Team Meet Cheat Sheet
Before the Meet:
- Make sure to check all meets you have signed up for! You will be billed for all meets that
you sign your swimmers up for. If your swimmer is sick please call or email Coach Jeff
( or 847-372-1541) or Coach Vlad ( or 847-630-
7253). Remember they will be at most meets so if does not get back to you leave a message!
- Be sure to check your swimmers meet entries at least a week before the meet online by logging in and clicking the
attend event button to see what events your swimmer was approved to swim.
- Get a healthy meal in your swimmer at least one hour before the meet starts! Meets usually last at least 4 hours and it
is important to be fueled!
What To Bring To the Meet:
- Packed in a meet swim bag- Team Cap (get a cap with your name on it), 2 pairs of goggles, 2 towels, team suit (black
Arena) and team shirt
- Warm-ups or sweats to stay warm between events
- Sandals or deck shoes we want to keep our feet off of the cold and dirty pool deck swimmers should have these at all
- Extra towel or something to sit on during a meet in team area
- Cards or another quiet activity to do between events (parents it is recommended that you bring something for your to
do during a meet as well).
- Gatorade or Water Bottles and other healthy snacks. Pasta, Granola Bars, Power Bars,
Fruits and Vegetables are great meet snacks! Most meets have concession stands so money would also be good!
What to do Upon Arrival to a Meet:
- Be sure to be on deck 15 minutes before the start of warm ups
- Be sure to positive check-in before entering the pool deck. If you are unsure where check-in
is please ask! All swimmers will have to check in at all meets! Failure to check-in or arriving late and missing check-in
will make it so your swimmer will not be able to compete!
- Set up your space within the team area. Some meets we will be in bleachers, gyms or on the pool deck so be
- Be ready to warm-up with a practice suit (not your meet suit)
- Relays will be posted as quickly as coaches can get them done, be sure to check if you are in
a relay as soon as this information is posted!
- At the end of warm-ups stay in the team area. We will get heat sheets and will get this information to swimmers
before the meet starts. Coaches will not go searching for swimmers if they are sitting with mom and dad or in the locker
room or at the concession stand!
During the Meet:
- Swimmers are to stay in the team area until they head behind the blocks for their race.
Swimmers can talk to coaches before they go behind the blocks or do what they need to do
to prepare for a race!
- AFTER A RACE SWIMMERS NEED TO SEE THEIR COACH TO GET FEEDBACK! This is the time for swimmers to learn about
their swimmers and what we will work on with them going forward!
- Parents are not allowed on deck during a meet unless they are working or volunteering
- Coaches are not available to anyone but swimmers during the meet. Please contact coaches after meets or after
practice for any questions or concerns!
- We would like to see our parents sitting together in the stands cheering CATS Swimmers on!
- BE POSITIVE AND SUPPORTIVE OF YOUR SWIMMERS! Let the coaches worry about the swims be there for your
After the Meet:
- Clean up after yourselves! We ask all swimmers and parents to pick up after themselves!