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Weather Policy and Practice

Attention all Sharks:

Our Inclement Weather Policy routine for 2013:

We will post information about practices being canceled or delayed on the website in "NEWS" which will automatically send an email to each registered family with the same information.

If you are away from your email connection, and you have a question about practices being delayed or canceled, you can always sign in to the website, click on the "News tab" in the upper right corner, and read any current weather related updates.

2013 Stated Weather Policy:

Practice will remain as scheduled unless we have heavy rain, thunder or lightening.

Practices will NOT be canceled during light rain.  

It has to be raining hard enough that it impedes the lifeguards from seeing the bottom on the pool for the pool management staff to tell us we cannot swim.

Thunder:  20 minutes out of the pool with no additional thunder to return to swimming.

Lightening:  30 minutes out of the pool and the DECK WILL BE CLEARED of all persons.

Sometimes, we will cancel or delay one age group but still have the others on time or delayed as well, so be sure to check the website for updates.

A swim team manager will always be at the pool, or have an appointed representative at the pool, to answer weather related questions during regular swim team practice times. 

Thanks and gO shArKs!