What to expect at a meet
For those of you that are new to the team or if you need a few reminders here are some tips and some answers to questions you might have.

What time should I arrive at the pool?
I would plan to arrive at the pool a half hour before warm ups. Traffic during this time of day can be bad so keep that in mind. We are hosting this first meet so our warm up will be at 5:00 PM.

• Meets will start at 6:00 PM, Home Warm up at 5:00 PM Away Warm up at 5:30 PM

What do I do when I get to the pool?
If you are volunteering at the meet you need to go to volunteer check in and sign in and get any information regarding what you will need to do and get your name tag. If you are not signed up to volunteer and want to be a back up volunteer in case someone can’t make it then go to volunteer check in and sign up on the back up volunteer sheet.

If you are a swimmer you will need to get your heat sheet. This is a slip of paper with your events on it so you will know what events, lanes and heats you are swimming in. Most swimmers will use a sharpie to write this information on their arm. For example it might look something like this …
#21 H2 L4 50 free
(21 is the event number, H stands for heat, L stands for lane)

A couple parents from our team will be handing these slips out.

What should I do if I am running late or for some reason can’t make it?
Please call or text the coaches or parent reps. (or email if it’s early enough in the day) This is especially important because the first event is a relay. If your swimmer is supposed to be in a relay and can’t make it then if we know we can find another swimmer to put in the relay so that the relay team can still swim in the event.  And, if you are volunteering and can’t make it we need to know so we can find another volunteer.

Where should we sit?
A lot of times it depends on the pool. Some pools have grassy areas, some people like to be around the pool to watch. There is not usually a team area to sit, people tend to sit with their friends. Make sure you bring chairs. Unless you get to the pool early enough to get what little seating there is it would be a good idea to bring some chairs or blankets.

What if I get hungry?
I would recommend bringing lots of healthy snacks and water for your swimmers. Most of the time the pools will have a concession stand but it’s also a good idea to bring a meal/snacks for your family.

What happens at the start of the meet?
If you are a volunteer, listen for the announcement for the Officials Meeting and for the Timers Meeting. They will usually occur 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the meet. Please be on time so you can attend these meetings.

Swimmers that are in the first 3 events should be ready and listening for first call for their events. The relay teams need to be in place. For the 100 yard relays if a swimmer goes second or last in the relay they start at the other end of the pool.

During the meet, make sure your swimmer is behind the block 3 events before their event. We will have deck parents behind the blocks helping the swimmers.

What if it rains?
We swim rain or shine! So be prepared for any weather. Sunscreen and raincoats are good items to pack.

A note about good Sportsmanship
When your swimmer is done with his/her race, he/she is to stay in the water until everyone is finished and shake hands with the racers in the lanes next to them.

A few notes for volunteers
• Please sign in as soon as you get to the pool
• Attend the Officials or Timers meeting
• At the half way point in the meet (event #34) the second half volunteers need to relieve the first half volunteers. Please do not go by the time listed in the volunteer sign up. Meets can run slow or fast. Be in place at event #33 to take over at event #34.

Things to bring to a meet
• chairs and blankets
• lots of towels, warm things for your swimmer to wear in between events
• sunscreen
• snacks and water
• rain gear
• mirrored goggles (and maybe an extra pair in case the first pair is lost or broken)
• sharpie

Please remember to go to the website and sign up for the meet if you plan on attending. If you show up to the meet and have not signed up online you will not be able to swim.