AAAA Pre-Team Enrollment Is Open and LIVE


Did your child just pass Level 3 or 4 in Swim School?  Was your child just starting to make great strides in the water?  Want to continue your child’s development in the sport of swimming? 

AAAA’s Pre-Team is here! 

Tryouts for Ad Astra will be Tuesday, August 27th, and Wednesday, August 28th, at the Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center from 6-7pm.  Please spread the word to all of your friends about coming out to join the fastest, most fun and most reliably staffed team in Lawrence, KS.  Bring a suit, towel, goggles and the registration form (online). Bring a buddy or bring your brother -- we want to watch you swim.  We cannot wait to meet you!


Call Patrick at 785-331-6940 OR Katie at 785-766-7423

To Join - A group for everyone!

To Join Swim Team (Stars Group) - 1 length of Freestyle w/ Side Breathing & 1 length of Backstroke

To Join Monthly Group (Pre-Team/Shooting Stars) - Water Safe, 1/2 length of Free, 1/2 length kick on your back