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2019 LC Seasonal Service Program Information




The Lake Country Swim Team board is excited to present to you a program that makes it easier for you to support and help the team in areas of your expertise or interest.  The program consists of the following key components:


1)    A published and posted full season calendar of events that require additional support.  This will help you plan ahead of time.

2)    A description of key service positions so you can choose what interests you.

3)    Up front non-participation deposit payable upon registration.

4)    A point system that will be used to keep track of your service activities that will be used to earn back your deposit.


The basic outline of this program is as follows:


1)    At registration, a per-family, non-participation deposit will be collected. 

a)     $100 for Age Group Gold, Juniors and all Senior Groups,

b)     $50 for Super 8’s, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver and Hartford JVHS.

c)     If you have swimmers in multiple groups, you pay the amount specified for the swimmer participating in the highest group. 

2)    We are asking each family to participate in the numerous opportunities available throughout the season to earn your deposit back by the end of the season.

a.    AG Group Gold and above, the point requirement is 45.

b.    Super 8’s, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver,  and JV groups, the point requirement is 15.

c.    Ribbons, there is no requirement. 

d.    There will be no “pro-rating”.  You must achieve or exceed the point total.

e.   Points requirements for AG Gold and above must be earned through both food/beverage donations and service (time) opportunities; points requirements cannot be fulfilled entirely through food/beverage donations. Exception: Points requirements may be met by service (time) only if that role is a 45 point opportunity (i.e. group basket organizers for banquet).

**Additional program information and service position descriptions (including point credits) and answers to FAQs, can be found on the web site. 

3)    Up front non-participation deposit, payable at registration.  There are two forms of payment are accepted.

a.    Checks:  They will either be destroyed or cashed at the end of the season depending upon your fulfillment of the service requirement.

b.    Credit card:  Payments will be charged immediately and then be credited at the end of the season upon fulfillment of the service requirement.

4)    There are two seasons per calendar year.  The current information presented is for the Long Course Season.

a.    Short course - Fall/Winter, runs from the middle of August through the Annual Banquet (usually mid April to early May).

b.    Long course - Spring/Summer, runs fron the conclusion of the short course season through the middle of August.





WREATH/POPCORN FUNDRAISER:  Assist the Fundraising Committee with the gathering of orders, compiling totals, and ordering of items that were sold. 


RESTAURANT FUNDRAISER:  With the assistance of the Fundraising Committee organize a team fundraiser at a local restaurant.


SILENT AUCTION – BANQUET: Assist the Fundraising Committee with organizing the silent auction that is held at the banquet in the spring.


HALLOWEEN PARTY ORGANIZER:  Assist the Social Committee with the planning of the team’s Halloween party held at the end of October.


HALLOWEEN PARTY HELPER:  Help the night of the Halloween party possibly by serving food, running a station, setting up, and/or cleaning up.


ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Assist the Social Committee with planning the adult Christmas party.


PARENT SOCIAL EVENT:  Assist the Social Committee with the planning of an adult social event, most likely held in September.


YOUTH SOCIAL EVENT:  Assist the Social Committee with the planning of an youth social event in the fall.


STATE PASTA PARTY ORGANIZER:  Order the food, arrange for pick-up/delivery, set-up, clean-up, and help serve food.


STATE PASTA PARTY HELPERS:  Help serve food and clean-up.


STATE PASTA PARTY DONATIONS:  Donate the item listed for the pasta party.


BANQUET ORGANIZERS/HELPERS:  Assist the Social Committee in planning, organizing, and setting-up the banquet held in the spring.


MAJOR MEET WORKER COORDINATOR COMMITTEE: a committee of 2-5 parents who would work together, under the direction and guidance of the staff and board, to fulfill the responsibility of the coordinator.  The Meet Worker Coordination Committee will, with the help of the staff and board of directors, organize the workforce for our major meets held at Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center.  The committee will help in setting up the website for job sign-up and monitoring the sign-up, answering questions and ensuring that there are adequate numbers of workers in each position to run each session. One of the committee members will run the volunteer table the day of the meet, fulfilling a part of their meet service requirement.


ARROWHEAD MEET WORKER COORDINATOR: In charge of organizing the workforce for our smaller meets hosted at AHS.


ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR (for Major Meets): in charge of preparing for admissions at our swim meets. Includes initial set-up of the admission area (signs posted, cashbox prep, etc), ordering and inventorying wristbands and training hte admissions workers for each meet. Work admissions at the first and last session of major meets.


GLO HOSPITALITY DONATIONS COORDINATOR:  Under the guidance of the GLO Concession Leader, secure donations for the Hospitality area.  At least 4 donations will be needed.


GLO SALADS DONATIONS:  Donate a salad that serves 6 – 8 for the required session of the meet.  You must arrange for delivery of the item.


GLO DESSERT DONATIONS:  Donate a 9X13 pan of bars or 1 batch (minimum 24) of cookies.  You must arrange for delivery of the item.


GLO BEVERAGE DONATIONS:  Donate the specified items for hospitality.  You must arrange for delivery of the items. 


COACHES APPRECIATION:  Assist the C.A. Committee with the planning of 3 different coaches’ appreciation events/items.


EXTRA SESSIONS WORKED AT GLO:  You will receive volunteer points if you or a family member works an entire extra session at GLO.  This must be pre-approved by the meet coordinator committee for the GLO meet.


COMMUNITY FEST:  Work a 2 hour shift at the LCST Community Fest table.  This event is usually held early spring. 


COMMUNITY FEST ORGANIZER:  Assist the Community Fest Committee in planning for the event.


MARCUS FUNDRAISER:  Assist the Fundraising Committee with distributing and collecting orders, compiling data, and sorting and delivering orders when received.


SECURE NATIONAL ANTHEM SINGERS – GLO:  Secure National Anthem singers for the Final sessions of GLO.


OFFICIALS TRAINING:  Take part in the official training class, the 6 hours of shadowing, and become a certified official.


NEW PARENT MEETING:  Attend the New Parent Meeting for new parents only.  You must stay for the entire meeting.


HOSPITALITY/CONCESSION PLANNING:  Assist the Concession Committee in planning concessions for GLO, Single Age, and any other home meet.  You will be required to help out in the concession/hospitality are for the meets, but this will also count towards the meet worker requirement. 


APPAREL COMMITTEE:  Assist the Apparel Committee with setting ordering apparel and making it available to the team.


GROCERY RECEIPT COORDINATOR: Collect grocery receipts, total, and turn into respective stores for credit.  This is a monthly position done throughout the season.


ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIAL:  Attend a certification class held on September 9, 2 – 3 hour class, and become certified so that you can assist with the running and organization of the Senior and Single Age meets.  May play a small role in the GLO meet also. 


RIBBON SORTER:  The week after a swim meet sort ribbons and distribute to athletes. The ribbons can be found in the pool office.


PICTURE COORDINATOR:  Take pictures throughout the season of swimmers at meets and team activities, as well as gather additional pictures from other team members and organize photos by group/swimmer name.  Be prepared to work with banquet coordinator to assemble banquet booklet and slideshow. 



Lake Country Swim Team Seasonal Service Program Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why has the team implemented this program in addition to the mandatory meet worker requirement?

We have had many members inquire about what opportunities are available to help the team and/or they don't know how to help.  This program will help to expose all of the items that the team needs help with and allows everyone the opportunity to get involved.  Most of the items listed have been covered by board members but the opportunities are becoming greater and the board/team need more help. 

2) Why do we need to make a non-participation donation, can't we just help? 

In the scheme of things it would be wonderful if everyone would just help out, but we all know that it doesn't always happen.  The donation will help as a motivation to encourage people to service the team.

3) If I complete only a portion of the entire points needed for service will my donation be partially refunded?

Unfortunately  no.  The point system is designed to be easily accomplished by participating in a few events.   There are many, many opportunities to accumulate the necessary points.

4) Why do Super 8's, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver and the JV Groups have to accumulate less points? 

These 4 programs don't practice as much as the remainder of the groups and these are considered introductory programs.  This allows the families in these groups to ease their way into the LCST program.

5) Will I be responsible for heading/leading  the various service positions that I sign-up for?

In almost every case, you will be assisting a board member (s) with the specific position and not be the one leading the group.

6) If I haven't heard from someone by the date the service opportunity is listed on the calendar what should I do?

Contact the lead person under "program questions" if you haven't heard anything within 2 weeks of the date that was marked in the calendar.

7) How will the team know that I have actuallycompleted my service and keep track of my points?

When the service position has concluded the board member over-seeing the position will report to the seasonal service coordinator the names of all members that have met that specific service position.  Points will then be documented on Team Unify by the seasonal service coordinator.

If you sign up for a service position but don't fulfill your responsibility you will not receive any points.

8) How do I pay the non-participant donation?

You can pay by check or credit card.  If you pay by check your check will be destroyed or cashed at the end of the season once your point totals have been determined.  If you pay using a credit card your account will be charged immediately and a credit will be issued if you meet the service requirements. 

9) Why didn't the team make this program a year commitment?

Many of the positions are not the same during the winter season as in the summer.  We have some families that don't swim year-round so we wanted to make the program a seasonal one.

10) If I sign-up to work an extra session of a meet do I get to pick the meet and/or the session?

The meet service coordinator will contact you once the sign-up for workers has been completed if we are in need of extra workers.  They will inform you of the session (s) that need to be filled.  This will most likely happen the week before the meet. 

Working extra sessions only counts at the major meets which would be GLO, State meets, Speedo, or other meets identified in the meet worker requirements located on the web site.  This does not include the Singe Age meets or Senior meets that LCST hosts. 

11) If I sign-up to work an extra session of a meet but cannot work it due to conflicts in my schedule or extra workers are not needed will I still receive my 45 points?

No, you will have to sign-up for another service position in order to fulfill your seasonal service requirements.

 12) Can I accumulate more points than is required?

Absolutely!  We want everyone to be involved on the team and we appreciate all of the help we receive.  It is going to take more than everyone signing up for the minimum to fulfill all of the service positions.  With that said, we don't want any one person to put their name on every spot.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to help and to be able to give it 100%.

13) How do I find out the answer to my question if I don't see it written on the FAQ?

Contact the seasonal service coordinator either by phone or email with your question.  No question is too trivial.

14) How were the points assigned per job?

 Based on a long history and experience running  the club, points were assigned by time to do job, criticality of position to club success and experience required to do job.

15) If I have questions about this program, who do I call or email?

Michelle Patscot or any LCST board member.  You can find their contact information on the LCST website.

16) What happens if my child moves from the ribbon program into the competitive program?

If the move takes place prior to 2/3 of the completion of the season, you will be responsible for paying the full seasonal service donation amount.


17) How soon after I have met my seasonal service point requirement can I expect my account credited or my check returned?

Within approximately a month after meeting your seasonal service points your credit will be reflected in your swimming account, or your check destroyed.  If you are involved in a service position that is on-going you will not receive your credit until the position has been completed.