Coach Spencer Shiraishi

The longest serving Hawaiian Swimming Coach - a coach that swam for Coach Soichi Sakamoto and continued leading Maui Swimming as Coach for Maui Swim Club for almost 50 years, passed away last night.

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Aloha Everyone,
Heaven is rejoicing and making sure the pools are open and heated as they welcome Coach Shiraishi.  He’s with mom.  Coach went to heaven about 11 PM Thursday night.  Thank you for your prayers and love throughout this challenging time.  With dad’s approval my sister Erika and I decided to go ahead with the lung biopsy after the last culture came back negative.  Doctors did not know what was causing his pneumonia after almost 3 weeks and a lung biopsy was the last resort.  We all knew the surgery would be risky in his physical state but we also knew he was getting weaker by the day.  The surgery went well but there was bleeding so they took him back to the OR.  He made it through but never recovered because he was so weak.  We said our goodbyes and he went (or swam?) into the arms of Jesus.  We all will miss him!
Aloha ke Akua,
Spencer Jr. and Family