In following our previous procedures regarding time-trial requests, the Time Trial Request form can be located on the "Resources" tab of the PTAC website.  Time Trial Request Forms can be printed as needed and submitted to the coaching staff. 

Time trial requests should be used to obtain a time-trial for an event for which a swimmer does not yet have an achieved time.  Time trials are only needed for USA Swimming/AMS sanctioned meets.  Time trials are not needed for dual meets.

Once the coaching staff has completed the time trial request, they will sign the request and return it to the family.  Please submit the request form along with payment of your meet entries.  Time trials and meet entry fees should be submitted PRIOR to the entry deadline for any given meet.

Families may also indicate the time which was obtained in the "Notes" section of the signup page for any given meet.

Questions regarding time-trial requests can be directed to Chris Lonzo @