Order for MSA Silicone Swim Caps

We will be placing an order for silicone swim caps this month and I wanted to get a list of people that would be interested in ordering one. Please let me know by October 16th.

Silicone caps are more durable than latex and don't pull your hair as much either. They only come in one size also.

You have will have two options for ordering the caps:

1) You can order one with the MSA logo on it only. This will cost $15.00

2) You can order one with the MSA logo and your swimmers' name on it (up to 10 characters). You can put their first name, last name or a nickname; whichever they prefer. You will have to order 2 of these at a time due to the way they stamp the name on the caps. This will cost $30.00.

We usually only order these caps once a year due to having to order a minimum of 25. Please know that this is optional and you do not have to order one! If you are interested in ordering one, please respond to this e-mail with your Family name, cost and the name you would like personalized in CAPITAL letters.


Heggie, $15


Heggie $30


Let me know if you have any questions! Also, let me know if you would rather pay for these by check or added to your billing account.

Thanks a bunch,