Competition Season Begins Soon!

Just a quick note to make you aware that there were some significant revisions/additions to the meet schedule this week. If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, or had printed out an early copy for yourself, please be aware. We are also recommending that everyone go to our Meets & Events tab, and click on “edit commitment” for each meet to declare whether or not you will be attending. If you do not click anything you will not be entered, but we prefer to know decisively everyone’s intentions to avoid any confusion. Note: for Invitationals, after our entries and fees have been sent to the meet host, we are unable to make any additions/changes, just scratches.

Remember, we strive for 100% attendance at Dual Meets (coaches pick events) to benefit our team standings, and swimmers choose what Invitationals (and pick their own events) to participate in. Parents may go to the Coaches tab if they wish to contact their swimmers’ coach about event selections, or anything else.

New parents/swimmers: go to our Docs tab and check out our info sheet on what to bring to meets. You can seek out other parents or any coach with questions.

Our swimmers have been working hard and look great! We are all looking forward to the start of our competition season!