At the Spring HOD, a proposal was passed by the delegates for a required quota for all teams for officials.  This is the requirement:
A quota of 1 official per 20 athletes, where each official is required to volunteer for 10 sessions, and a registration fee assessment of $250 per official short of the quota.   If you have a Learn To Swim program, this does not include those swimmers.  This is based on the number of registered swimmers who compete in at least one meet during the swimming year.  The assessment fee will begin when your club registers for the 2015 season.
Of course, there are cases of exception.    An exception is in place for military families.  Meaning if they move in June and volunteer during the first half of the year the team will receive credit.  We also understand family emergencies.  If an official has a family emergency and can not fulfill their 10 sessions in a year, another official on the club may step up and complete more sessions for the official who can not because of the emergency.  (Sandy needs to be notified of this so she can give credit.)  This will not apply to a team who has 100 swimmers and only 3 certified officials who each complete well above the 10 required sessions.  That team must have 5 certified officials.
If a club goes above and beyond their quota, ie. team of 80 has 6 officials who all worked 10 sessions, then they will have the next year's club registration fee waived.
Each weekend, it is a struggle to find someone to cover the minimum required certified positions at the meets.  We have held a few clinics for new and upgrading officials recently with more planned.  Your parent is NOT required to wait for a clinic to step out on deck and shadow someone.   
We ask for your help in this.  We can not cancel any future meets.  It only hurts our athletes.  However, we need to build the 'pool' of officials so that we do not burn out by having to be at each and every meet.  
If you have any questions, email Sandy Drake at