Liquid Space Swim Club Partners
'Team Chilly"

chilly |ˈ ch ilē|
adjective ( chillier , chilliest )
uncomfortably cool or cold

 Swimmers....Bring that great
team spirit and a warm blanket!
Dive into the New Year with your friends
at The Narragansett Town Beach.  
12:00  North Pavilion

This annual team tradition
 plunge invites all our age groups from 8 & Unders
 up thru Seniors.  Parents plunged in solidarity, too!  
Join your teammates, coaches and parents for
a few minutes of 'chilly' and a lifetime of laughs.

...some swim team new year goals...
-be early to practice
- train hard and with focus
-never give in, and finish every set
-swim fast in practice = swimming fast at meets
-smile, your teammates are working hard with you!

From the coaches to all our swimmers and families
 ...Happy New Year
                    Coach Kiely