Swim and Dive Team Update - Winter 2014

Hello LMT Swimmers, Divers and Families:


We hope this email finds you staying warm and yearning for the summer swim season! Swim season is only 4 months away so we are busy gearing up for a terrific season. We have lots of information to share with you!


  • We will again offer 5 squads in 2014 (just like last year):

LMT Swim & Dive Team is ONE Team (GATORS) with 5 SQUADS as follows:

  • Gold Squad (LBSL Red Division)

    • Must attend a minimum of 3 dual meets

    • Must sign up online and OPT IN to attend each dual meet

    • If a swimmer is a no-show at a meet, they cannot swim the next meet

  • Blue Squad (LBSL White Division)-

    • Must attend a minimum of 3 dual meets

    • Must sign up online and OPT IN to attend each dual meet

    • If a swimmer is a no-show at a meet, they cannot swim the next meet

  • Rec Swim Squad

    • Afternoon practices: No limitations; swimmers can practice anytime

    • Morning practices: Swimmers can only practice on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays and/or Fridays (NO rec swimmers can practice Mondays or Wednesdays)

  • Dive Squad

  • Rec Dive Squad


  • Due to the closure of Newtown Swim Club and possibly additional local clubs, we are expecting to grow our team. Accordingly, we will need to cut off registration when numbers hit: (by age group):

    • 8 and under: 90

    • 9/10:90

    • 11/12:80

    • 13/14:80

    • 15+: no cap


We will be forming a list of interested swimmers/divers that are new to the LMT Swim/Dive Team so if you know someone who plans to join, please have the email lmtswimdive@yahoo.com with the following information:

1. Last Name of Family:

2. Primary Phone #/Email:

3. Are you planning to join the LMT Pool this summer? (summer membership~$400/family):

4. How many children do you expect will join the Swim team? Dive Team?

5 A: If you were a member of a summer pool in 2013, what was the name of that pool?

5B: Did your child(ren) swim on the swim team of the pool you answered in question A?

6. If you would like to be contacted about joining the LMT Pool in 2014, please fill out your contact information below:


Assuming we get an influx of new swimmers (and our goal is to make 2 competitive swim teams with winning records), we will be adjusting the guidelines for squad placement:.

  • The top 4-5 fastest swimmers in each event will be on the Gold Squad, next 4-5 fastest swimmers will be on the Blue Squad, next 4-5 Gold, next 4-5 Blue.

  • Siblings will be kept together on the same squad. The fastest sibling determines which squad the siblings are placed on.

  • Swimmers can only qualify as a Top 4-5 (or any tier) swimmer in 2 events

  • Breast Stroke & Butterfly have a stronger influence on team placement

  • The balance of the swimmers will be randomly assigned to teams at the coach’s discretion.

Please note: the above structure is meant as a guideline and the Head Coach has prerogative to place swimmers on the squad he thinks will be most appropriate for the team’s success as a whole.


The Rec Swim and Rec Dive Squads will not participate at Dual meets or champs (but they can participate in any invitational meets like Coldwater Classic & Odd-Age). Parents of these children will not have to volunteer at dual meets.


  • In order to keep the length of meets reasonable, we will continue to adhere to a minimum number of events each swimmer can swim at dual meets = 2.


  • Team Suits are ready for purchase by going to www.lmtswim.com and clicking on Team Suits


  • Team Fees are posted and we have kept prices the same as last year. We no longer charge a $5 per family registration fee.


  • Volunteer Requirements for (Swim) Dual Meets

    • job descriptions and minimum requirements can be found: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=reclblmtsd&_stabid_=55802

    • New for 2014:

      • Once parents are signed up for jobs, parents can’t remove themselves and changes will have to be communicated/approved through volunteer coordinator

      • Parents with kids age 10 and Under must work mouse house at least 1 shift per season

      • Parents must switch with someone or cover their job if they can’t work their shift even if their swimmer is not swimming

      • If a parent doesn’t work a job that they are signed up for, their child cannot swim the next meet(s)



  • We have 2 open Board Positions that we invite you to inquire about:

1. Swim League Representative (White Division/Blue Squad)


  • Attend all meetings of the Board and the Parent Association

  • Attend monthly league meetings (April - September) for discussion of league-wide issues and act as communicator between LBSL and LMT Board. Meetings currently held at Somerton Springs.

  • Attend all dual meets:

    • Documents workers from both teams.

    • Recap (audit) forms from meets (officials, coaches, etc)

    • Responsible for sign-off on home and away “official” meet sheets.

    • Mail home meet sheets to LBSL

    • Act a on-site coordinator/problem-solver

2. Vice President-Registrar


  • Attend all meetings of the Board and the Parent Association

  • Prepare the registration system – update dates/fees/any new instructions -  so that it is up and running when registration opens

  • Monitor registration numbers for swim and dive. Keep close eye on numbers in each age groups and talk to head coach about cut-off numbers in case we have to waitlist

  • Manage and extract swimmer lists from software as needed. (new swimmers, emergency contact list, updated swim & dive rosters so Team Manager software can be updated by coach in advance of season start)

  • Send roster to LMT so they can make sure all swim team members are pool members

  • Receive final rosters (team assignments) from coach. Prepare rosters, checks (contact treasurer for them) & insurance form reports according to league specifications.  Hand off paperwork to league reps or head coach (whoever is attending the meeting).

  • Voting Position


  • The annual fundraiser: Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, June 21st from 8-10am.


  • Registration will open April 1st for returning families and April 15th for new families.


  • Anyone interested in coaching must email Coach Bobby prior to April 1st. Coaches will be notified by May 1st.

    • High school aged coaches should expect to work 3 practices/week

    • Paid swimmer coaches must be members of the swim/dive team AND either:

      • rising High School Seniors (or recent grads)


  • rising High School Juniors IF they have previously been a volunteer coach the previous summer


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any board member. Also, please remember that  you may request to attend any upcoming board meeting (with advance notice).


We are looking forward to a great season!

Your LMT Swim & Dive Team Parent Board


President    Sandy Borowsky    sborowsky@yahoo.com

Vice President    Kelli Wilson    wlsn4@verizon.net

Secretary    Sue Moore    mscamoore@aol.com

Vice President-Registrar    OPEN

Treasurer    Ann-Marie Delworth    amdelworth@msn.com

Record Keeper/Invitational Meet Coordinator   Beth White    ceclwhite@comcast.net

LBSL League Rep (Red Division)-Gold    Chris Hanlon    chrisjhanlon@me.com

League Rep (White Division)-Blue    OPEN

Team Spirit Coordinator  Virginia Glatzer   virginiag323@gmail.com

Dive Rep      Nancy Wisniewski tsbynancyw@gmail.com

Past President    John Perdoch    perdochpa@verizon.net



Swim Team Head Coach    Bobby DeSandre    coachbobbyd@gmail.com

Dive Team Head Coach    Joe Costello    thecostellos@comcast.net