COMO Invitational Coach's Recap

Saturday’s 16 hour meet trip certainly made for a long day, but the girls handled all those hours like champs! The COMO Invite is unique in its format; prelims take place in the morning beginning around 10 am and then finals begin that afternoon around 4 pm, with diving taking place smack in the middle of it all. It is not something most athletes are used to and it sometimes takes quite the toll on them. Despite the unique format, the hot pool deck, and the uncomfortable bleachers, the girls had some amazing performances throughout the day! MIZZOU has an excellent pool and it was great to get to watch the girls perform well, especially after coming off of a particularly grueling set of winter break practices.

Some top performances from the finals portion of the meet included:
200 Medley Relay of Kelsey Messner, Rachel Scott, Krystal Caylor, and Katie Mack placed 3rd with a time of 1:57.77. (The team swam a best time of 1:56.76 during pre-lims)
Boo Koss placed 10th in the 200 free with a time of 2:08.35 and Courtney Horn placed 13th with a time of 2:09.32.
Maddie Marshall placed 8th in the 50 free with a time of 27.14 and Katie Mack placed 16th with a time of 27.31. Sams Adams was 18th with a 27.59 and Alison Pool 22nd with a 28.13.
Kylie Wilson placed 2nd in diving with a score of 365.80.
Rachel Scott placed 14th in the 100 fly with a 1:05.49.
Kelsey Messner placed 8th in 100 free with a time of 57.80, Katie Mack placed 15th with a time of 1:00.23, Maddie Marshall placed 16th with a time of 1:01.50.
Krystal Caylor earned her first INDIVIDUAL STATE CUT by placing 3rd in the 500 free with a time of 5:25.46. Courtney Horn placed 9th with a time of 5:48.53 and Boo Koss placed 10th with a time of 5:50.14.
200 Free Relay of Sam Adams, Alison Pool, Katie Mack, and Maddie Marshall placed 8th with a time of 1:51.42.
Kelsey Messner placed 8th in the 100 back with a time of 1:05.07 and Alison Pool placed 14th with a time of 1:08.43.
Krystal Caylor placed 11th in the 100 breast with a time of 1:15.82.
400 Medley Relay of Maddie Marshall, Krystal Caylor, Rachel Scott, and Courtney Horn (and with Kelsey Messner swimming in pre-lims) placed 7th with a time of 4:03.76.

The team placed 4th overall out of 25 teams from all over the state of Missouri. Several girls were not happy with their swims, especially in the finals portion of the meet, but I know for certain that Pete and I could not have been happier with how the team handled the exhaustingly long day. The girls were tired and worn out, but they remained in high spirits the entire time. It was just another reminder of how fortunate we are to have such a fabulous group to work with! With about half of our season now behind us, I can’t wait to move forward and see what this team can do. Coming up, we have our Q’doda Fundraiser (and parent meeting to discuss SWMO!) on Tuesday, January 7 at the Battlefield location at 6:30 pm. Friday, January 10 we have a meet at the NAT right after school with several teams in preparation for the Ozarks Invitational (also at the NAT) on Saturday, January 11. Let’s get ready for another exciting swim and dive filled weekend!


“Being your best is not so much about overcoming the barriers other people place in front of you as it is about overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves. It has nothing to do with how many times you win or lose. It has no relation to where you finish in a race or whether you break world records. But it does have everything to do with having the vision to dream, the courage to recover from adversity and the determination never to be shifted from your goals.”
Kieren Perkins