Shark Bites Weekly Update

Shark Families,

Hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing Mothers Day!

Welcome to the first edition of Shark Bites, a weekly update email I'll plan on sending out each Sunday to recap the week prior as well as highlight some of the things that SAC has coming up!!

First, I wanted to thank all of you for your cooperation and support during my transition into head coaching duties. You have been wonderful and encouraging and all of those great things, and I know we'll continue to be able to work together to grow this team.

The kids have been working hard in the pool, particularly this past week as we began to increase practice intensity in each age group. The transition from Spring Break back to swimming again is never easy, but they are working hard to getting back into competition shape. I'm very proud of the work they did this past week!

This week, we will continue to work towards establishing an aerobic base as Long Course season approaches. Both Mako groups as well as the Senior group will continue incorporating Dryland work into practice this week in addition to drills designed for I.M. training.

I wanted to add a scheduling note that you all can be on the lookout for, in regards to moving outside for Long Course training. I'm scheduled to meet with City Park on Thursday of this coming week to get some work done on a Summer schedule; a move Outside should be close!

Thanks to all Shark parents, and on this day a special thank you to all the Shark moms. We appreciate all that you do!

Coach Saxon