Schedule Update

We have updated the workout schedule, which can be found on the CALENDAR tab.  Please note that this Friday will be the last night of practice at JAMS.  We will start using the outdoor pool and YMCA pool, on Tuesday, May 27th,  We will have a special two week schedule that will run from Tuesday May 27th through Monday, June 9th.  Please check the CALENDAR to see your swimmers workout times and location.

One issue that we will have to contend with during couple weeks leading up to June 9th.  The City will be doing work on the plumbing in the bath house during the week.  This will effect our ability to use showers and restrooms on and off during these two weeks.  Please plan accordingly, and use the restroom before coming to practice.  Plan on showering at home after practice.  We have not been given a date of when the work will be done, but it should be shortly.  We will let swimmers know as soon as things are up and running.  In the event of a restroom emergency, the campgrounds restroom should be an option and a coach will walk up to the restroom with your swimmer to be sure they get to where they need to be, and back.  We appreciate your flexibility with this situation, but we feel the option to use the outdoor pool - not being so crowded at the YMCA - and being able to use the long course pool right away - is worth the inconvenience.  

After June 9th, we will be on our normal Summer Schedule.