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Summer Splash Results

The YSSC Cukes hosted the Fifth Annual Summer Splash the weekend of May 30-June 1 at the Middle Tyger YMCA in Duncan, SC. Twelve SMRT swimmers competed and earned a total of 47 best times.

14-year-old Tyler Barrett started off the meet Saturday morning with a 1.46-second drop in the 200 free and followed it up with a .74-second drop in the 100 breast and a .41-second drop in the 400 IM, finishing 15th with a 6:03.94. On Sunday morning, Barrett, seeded 14th in the 200 IM, dropped 1.18 seconds to finish 12th with a 2:46.82. He closed out a strong weekend by dropping 1.33 seconds in the 100 fly and .33 second in the 200 back. Coach Norie commented, “Tyler showed great control in his 400 and 200 IMs, which we have been focusing on the past two weeks with the senior and pre-elite groups.”

SMRT’s 12-and-unders opened their weekend with the 200 IM. 11-year-old Gavin Milligan dropped .71 second to finish in 25th with a 3:06.50, and while 9-year-old Ryder Putnam didn’t drop time, he still made it into the top ten 10 & unders, finishing 8th with a 3:32.61. The 50 free was next, and 10-year-old Kestra Kihleng, seeded 22nd, dropped 3.55 seconds to finish in 16th with a 41.91. 7-year-old Jade Williams performed well in her very first long course event, notching a 55.95. Number-three seed Putnam dropped 1.37 seconds to pick up a new Sectional cut and finish in second with a 33.32. Seeded 26th, 9-year-old Kyler Kihleng knocked off 2.89 seconds to make it into the top 20 with a 45.58, and 11-year-old Julia Beebe took off .72 second to finish with a 36.77. In the 100 breast, Kestra Kihleng dropped 17.52 seconds to move up three spots and finish in 21st with a 2:13.21. Her brother Kyler also dropped significant time, finishing with a 2:21.95—more than ten seconds faster than his seed time. Bella Kissell, Katie Beebe, both 11, and 12-year-old Mark Condon all dropped time in the 11-12 50 breast, and despite adding .18 second to his seed time, Gavin Milligan made it into the top 20, finishing in 19th with a 47.58. The 10 & under 50 back was next, and Ryder Putnam, seeded fourth, dropped 1.70 seconds to finish in third with a 40.34, earning himself another Sectional cut, as well. Kyler Kihleng and 8-year-old Rory Condon dropped time, too, finishing in 25th and 26th, respectively. In the 11-12 100 back, the Beebe girls showed just how far they’ve come in a year; Julia took off 38.62 seconds to finish in 56th with a 1:41.83, and Katie took off 20.12 seconds to finish in 59th with a 1:48.62. Gavin Milligan moved up four spots by dropping 1.64 seconds to finish in 25th with a 1:30.81, and 12-year-old Jameson Condon’s 8.45-second drop put him in 36th with a 1:50.12. Mark Condon, entered with no time, finished in 34th with a 1:41.43.

The first event Sunday afternoon was the 100 free, and both Kestra Kihleng and Jade Williams swam it for the first time. Kihleng finished 25th with a 1:43.61, and Williams finished 35th with a 2:00.50. Ryder Putnam also swam it for the first time long course, making his way into the top ten and earning a new State cut with a 1:21.29. Kyler Kihleng finished his first long course 100 free with a 1:40.11, while Rory Condon lopped 16.89 seconds off to finish with a 1:51.29. In the 11-12 100 free, Julia Beebe, Gavin Milligan, Mark Condon and Jameson Condon all dropped time, and in the 100 breast, both Katie Beebe and Jameson Condon dropped time. Ryder Putnam dropped 4.69 seconds in the 100 back to finish in fifth with a 1:30.69, and Rory Condon, showing a huge improvement from the April Invite, dropped 20.06 seconds to finish in 31st with a 2:06.56. Bella Kissell made it into the top 20 in the 50 back, dropping .72 second to finish in 17th with a 41.73. Gavin Milligan added a bit but still earned a 13th-place finish with a 42.15, while Jameson Condon’s 5.67-second drop earned him 24th. Ryder Putnam shaved off a tenth of a second in the 50 fly to finish in 4th with a 38.54, and in the 100 fly, both Bella Kissell and Mark Condon dropped time. Like his younger brother, Condon’s improvement from April was significant; his 17.37-second drop put him in 30th with a 1:43.88. The final event of the weekend was the 200 free, a grueling event for a 7-year-old, but Jade Williams persevered and finished with a 4:13.56. Ryder Putnam cut 14.19 seconds from his April Invite time to finish 9th with a 3:03.28, and Rory Condon broke four minutes in his very first 200 free, finishing 21st with a 3:56. His brothers, Mark and Jameson, dropped 8.52 seconds and 16.55 seconds, respectively, to finish 31st (2:58.10) and 32nd (2:59.82). All three 11-12 girls dropped time, and Bella Kissell’s 2:37.30, an “A” time, earned her 19th place and a State cut. Gavin Milligan earned a State cut, as well, dropping 4.42 seconds and finishing 19th with a 2:38.82. “Gavin and Bella showed off their skills in their 200 freestyles,” said Coach Norie on Sunday. “We’ve spent the last two weeks talking about race strategy for that race and practicing pacing in practice, and both swimmers put what they learned in practice into the meet.”

Coach Lindsey noted that Silvers and Blues have had very little long course training at this point in the season, with Blues getting just one practice a week at MLK and Silvers none, but she said, “I am very happy with how the kids executed their race plans and truly swam SM(a)RT.” Coach Norie echoed her sentiment, saying “The details are starting to come together and the swimmers are really starting to execute control of race performance. I was thrilled with the performances of all of our swimmers!”

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