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Long Course Swim Meet Reminders


Long Course means that swimmers compete in a 50-meter pool as opposed to the 25-yard pool used in the Short Course Season (this is the size of LHS).  While the rules that govern the sport remain the same, there are slight differences that will be seen.  Here are a few tidbits to keep in mind as you head to a Long Course Swim Meet:

  1. 50-meters is slightly longer than 50 yards…so times are greater in Long Course (but this doesn’t mean that the swimming is slower!)

  2. While some may try and “Convert” a time between the two courses – it is much better to develop two sets of “Personal Best Times” – one for each course.Imagine trying to compare your score at miniature golf and your score on the links…the two just won’t match up.

  3. When entering your first long course meet, we have to submit an estimated entry time.After that, you will develop a result list from both courses to pull from.

  4. Because there are less turns in Long Course, these competitions offer a better measure of an athlete’s ability to “SWIM”.In Short Course, several of our older athletes spend over 50 percent of the race kicking underwater.With the 15-meter rule in affect, they can usually only spend about 25 percent underwater.

  5. With the longer stretches of actual swimming, proper technique becomes even more important.Swimmers also have the ability to get into a better rhythm rather than restarting their stroke technique every 14-16 strokes in a 25-yard pool.This certainly creates an advantage for athletes who have worked to improve the way they move through the water.

  6. Some things are still the same….like race strategy….if an upper level swimmer only breathes twice per lap in the 50 YARD free, then they shouldn’t be breathing much more than 4 times in their 50-meter free.

  7. Lastly, while Short Course Yards pools dominate the landscape of the USA due to obvious financial and logistical reasons when it comes to building facilities, the majority of the world trains and competes in meters (Short Course and Long Course).As a result – almost ALL Major International meets (like the Olympics) are done in Long Course Pools.So enjoy swimming like an Olympian!