Important- Please Read

Dear Neptune Families,
Happy Summer to you all!!  As you can tell this week, Ridgway Swim Center & SRJC is more crowded than ever with public swim & lessons going on before and during practice.  With that knowledge, we cannot continue to act as though we are on the only group using this facility.  Hundreds of people are coming and going throughout the pool on any given afternoon.  Please speak to your children about the importance of leaving all valuables at home, keeping all clothes zipped up in their swim bags and nothing should be left in the locker room unattended.  All athletes should bring their swim bags onto the deck during their water portion of swim practice.
Very important reminder: Absolutely without exception, cell phones, IPods, IPads or any other recording devices are not allowed in the locker rooms for any reason.  If you need to make a call, a text or take pictures, get dressed, leave the locker room and then take care of business.  Please help us by talking with your children about respecting the rules of the facility, rules of the sport of swimming and in general, proper etiquette in community settings.  
The coaching staff will continue to educate the athletes on these topics but we felt the need for all of us to be on the same page to ensure we continue providing the safest facility and the best sport in the world.
Thank you for your support & GO NEPTUNES!!
Neptune Swimming Coaching Staff