Squads Posted and Volunteer Jobs are open for sign up!
Squads Posted and Volunteer Jobs are open for sign up!
Go to www.lmtswim.com and log in.
To see rosters, click on Team Info and select Rosters from the drop down menu.
To sign up for parent jobs, scroll down to events and select the event you want to work and then sign up for the job you want to work.
1. Log into team website: www.lmtswim.com
2. Find the swim meet you want to sign your child up for. Make sure it is the proper meet and you have double checked the squad. Click on the event name
3. In the top/right corner there will be a button called Attend/Decline. Click on this button
4. Click on the name of your first swimmer; Select YES if your swimmer can attend; NO if your swimmer cannot attend. Click SAVE CHANGES. 
5. Double check that your changes were saved and your swimmer is committed accurately. If you have more than 1 swimmer, repeat step #4 for each additional swimmer. 
6. Once you have committed each of your swimmers, you are done and can move around on the website.
Note: If your child is neither committed or not committed, we will automatically assume that your child CANNOT participate in this meet therefore your child will NOT be rostered in the meet.
The DEADLINE to sign up for each dual meet is as follows:
Meet #1 on June 26: Deadline 6/24 @ midnight
Meet #2 on July 1: Deadline 6/29 @ midnight
Meet #3 on July 8: Deadline 7/6 @ midnight
Meet #4 on July 10: Deadline 7/8 @ midnight
Meet #5 on July 15: Deadline 7/13 @ midnight
Meet #6 on July 17 (No blue meet): Deadline 7/15 @ midnight
Meet #7 on July 22: Deadline 7/20 @ midnight
Thanks to those who came to support the team at the Flapjack Fundraiser this morning. It was a success! A special thanks to the coaches and volunteers who did an AMAZING job. We do have a wonderful group of kids and families.