Wednesday Meet Signup Procedures

The Wednesday events are intended for all swimmers on the team and are managed through the website.  The signups for each meet may not be available way ahead of time, since we have to confirm meet details with the other team about a week out.  You can make plans around the calendar, though, since all swimmers are invited and the listed Wednesday events will occur and are open to all swimmers.

How to Signup

Signups for the Wednesday meets will close on Tuesdays at Midnight.  This is to allow time for the coaches to review the entries and have cards printed. (NOTE – if you miss the deadline, it is still OK to swim – coaches can write cards at the pool.  It’s just easier if you plan ahead and do this online for us!)

To signup for a Wednesday meet, find the meet under Events and click the Edit Commitment button.  Then:

  • for each swimmer planning to attend, select and choose “Yes, please sign (name) up for this event”
  • this should open up a larger window with a header of information, some instructions, and finally all of the events you can swim.
  • IGNORE the entry times and click the events you’d like to swim.  Be aware of any restriction for that meet (like 3 events + IM, etc) – see below.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’

One more thing to remember

There are usually some time-driven restrictions depending on the size of each team as well as the usual ones for younger swimmers and those who placed in the preceding A meet.  Here is a description of them:

  • 8 and unders require approval from the coaches to do breast, fly, and IM.  The coaches can manage this approval through the website, but feel free to ask them beforehand if you are unclear whether your swimmer should attempt those events.
  • Most events have a restriction on the number of events in order to manage the length of the meet.  For example: any 3 strokes (including IM) –or—any 3 strokes, plus the IM. 
  • Any swimmer who placed 1st through 3rd in the previous Saturday ‘A’ meet is not allowed to swim that same event (i.e. 50 free) in the subsequent ‘B’ meet.