IAG Div 2: Prelims Day 2

Day 2 kicked off in limerick this morning with competition proper beginning.

First up was aislinn Pantony in the 100 back, taking an impressive 4 seconds off pb.

Lily o Neill performed well in her first event of her first nationals, clocking a 1:23 100 back and 2 seconds inside pb.

Cara Pantony had a comfortable swim in the 100 back on pb time. Hannah Inglis also shook off the nerves in her 100back with a decent on pb swim.

Grainne o Reilly looked solid posting a 1:19 100back while slide tormey Murphy was 2nd reserve into the final.

Liam Heylin kicked off his campaign with a reserve final position in the 100back along with an awesome 1:27 100 brs, not only ranking as fastest 12year old but going well inside the IAG div 1 standard.

Naoise Cautley saw his first action with an on target 100brs, while Adam o Reilly will be back tonight for the final of his 100brs. This is a huge achievement for this swimmer who comes to his first nationals with less then 12 months of training.

Ethan Ballard continues his solid form posting an on pb 100brs.

In the girls event, Laura Desmond went inside pb

Overall a really solid set of performances on the first morning of competition-best of luck to Adam for the final tonight!