About BBD


The Birmingham Blue Dolphins is a competitive club swim team that is member to two different swim associations; YMCA Swimming and Michigan Swimming as a branch of USS (United States Swimming). BBD is the longest standing swim club in the Detroit Metropolitan area and has won more USS championships and YMCA championships than any other team in the state:

36 straight 8 and under YMCA State Titles

9 USS 12 and under State Championships

10 consecutive 9 and up YMCA State Titles

9 YMCA Zone Championships in the last 10 years

7 Top Ten finishes at YMCA Nationals since 2001

16 YMCA National Individual Champions

4 YMCA National Relay Team Champions

The Blue Dolphins also boast 5 swimmers who went on to qualify for Olympic Trials in 2000, 2008, or 2012.


BBD sets itself apart in three major ways:

  • BBD practices are categorized by age group, keeping swimmers with their friends and peers.   Swimmers feel better about themselves when they are training with people of their own age. They build relationships and also have more fun when they’re with their friends. Differentiated practices are designed by coaches to meet each swimmer’s ability while maintaining workouts that are age-appropriate. This keeps swimmers loving and competing in the sport long-term.


  • BBD offers consistency in its coaching staff -  each age group has a lead coach. 

The lead age-group coach is in charge of the workout plan, the relay line-ups and being present at practice as the familiar face that the swimmers see routinely. This regularity with coaching is crucial in a sport that relies heavily on consistency.  It also allows for the swimmers to develop great rapport with their coaching staff, which is so valuable to their experience.


  • BBD focuses on the success of ALL types of swimmers. 

The coaching staff is devoted to helping every swimmer on the team improve. From the first year swimmer on the team, to the national team qualifier, EVERY SWIMMER MATTERS. Coaches meet with swimmers at the beginning of the season to help set their individual goals and discuss paths for achievement. Swimmers take an active part in their development and success.