Swim Parent Webinar from USA Swimming for all parents
Coaches- please share this great learning opportunity with the parents of your athletes! 

Webinar: "To Push or Not to Push- How to Get Results that Last"  

Dear Parent,

Have you wrestled with the dilemma of how much to push your child?  Check out the “Parents” section of our web site (Growing Champions for Life) where you’ll find the registration link to this month’s Life-Skills Webinar, “To Push or Not to Push – How to Get Results that Last” scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th

This month’s True Hero Parent article, Handling Adversity: Prisoner, Settler, or Pioneer” will help the entire family deal with obstacles and setbacks.  From performance slumps to injuries, adversity is common to an athlete’s life, but how they respond makes the difference. Print the article and pass it along to a friend.

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