Bridge Athletic Coming To WC again


Hi Walnut Creek Masters:


On July 26th BridgeAthletic will be returning to Heather Farms pool to perform athletic assessments for new and returning Walnut Creek Masters athletes. We are really excited to make this exclusive opportunity available to more of our swimmers.


What does BridgeAthletic do? BridgeAthletic provides athletes with customized, swim-specific strength and conditioning programs, designed by Nick Folker. Nick & BridgeAthletic are well known for their work with professional and olympic swimmers, but have opened up their services to a select number of Master’s Athletes throughout the country. Each of BridgeAthletic’s Swim-Specific training programs are customized based off an athletic assessment that scores athletes on flexibility, range of motion, and core stability.


Who uses BridgeAthletic? Last season, BridgeAthletic worked with a select group of masters athletes in Northern California. They reported substantial improvements in swimming performance, reduced injury, and improved all-around athleticism.


"BridgeAthletic had an immediate impact on my performance. The training content is just awesome, exercises are great, weights and reps are always at the right level of challenge, the interface is intuitive, and everything functions very smoothly. And the workouts are brilliant. It really feels like a major step forward from anything I've done before."- Tobin White, Davis Aquatic Masters


The below video provides more detailed information on the BridgeAthletic assessment and swim-specific training programs:


BridgeAthletic For Masters Swimmers


How To Attend: On July 26th from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, BridgeAthletic will be performing individual athletic assessments at Heather Farms Pool. The session will be open to all but if you’d like to reserve a spot for an assessment please inform your coach or email us at


What is the cost? With check or credit card, athletes can choose to participate on the day of the assessment for their personalized swim-specific training. BridgeAthletic offers training in 3 month ($200), 6 month ($340) and 12 month periods ($520). We also encourage athletes to reserve their spot at this sign up page ahead of time, especially if they would like to begin training but can't make the assessment.


For alternative assessment dates or questions related to the BridgeAthletic training please email


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