All Star Info

4:50- Final Meet Program has been updated and posted to the Meets tab!

Note: As of 3:00pm we were informed that there will be some significant changes to the Meet Program. Stay tuned for an updated version later today

Congratulations to all of our All Star swimmers!

Warm-ups- we are from 6:45-7:00am in Lane 2.  If you have never swum in this pool, I highly recommend you warm-up.  The pool has metal gutters and can be slippery and catch you off guard if you haven’t been in the pool- especially for those doing backstroke.

Please note that there is a police training program going on at Castle View High School in addition to construction in the area so allow a little extra time. Traffic and parking will be a little crazy so plan ahead.

T-shirts- will be available in the morning. Find our team area – in past years we have been assigned to the area outside the pool by the playground. You’ll see posters for each designated team area or also look for our banner.

Awards- medals are given 1-8 and ribbons 9-16.  Most likely we won’t be able to distribute the awards until after the meet. They will be filed on the family folder box and on Cari’s front porch (7091 Cerney Cir) by Sunday afternoon.

The meet will be run cardless using the Dolphin timing system (same as we run our meets)

Concessions- there will be a full array of concession items

Volunteers- thanks to everyone for helping out. The meet is run with 3 shifts to alleviate the burden for all helpers. Check in with Cari in the morning to get “tagged” or Lea Roeser later on for those arriving later. We are assigned to Lane 1 for timing so you will always replace another Croc parent in that lane for each shift change – note we divided the 3rd shift in half. We appreciate those that are helping til the bitter end.

Good luck Crocs!