Day 2 of the Fleet meet

Friday our swimmers put their best foot forward and on Saturday they took off in a sprint. Continuing with their amazing swimming from Friday we took 8 swimmers on Saturday and 7 of them made finals. They have continued to put up best times and place well at this meet and it has been amazing to watch.


Anthony Corpuz came and on decked for the 100 breast event. He dove in for the prelims in the morning at an amazing pace that he held onto to drop 4 seconds in his event. He placed second for the finals and would show up ready to race. During finals he went out strong but kept some on reserve so the last lap he could go all out. He ended up dropping another second off his time and won second over all!

Danielle DeCastro had another amazing day swimming in the 200 free, 100 breast, and 50 free events. She took out her 200 fast and dropped a humungous 11 seconds looking real good on her walls. In the 100 breast she pushed her technique boundaries and ended up dropping right under 3 seconds. The 50 free she dove in and had an amazing start and raced her heart out to finish the day!

Collin Elliott joined us today swimming in the 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 fly and made finals in all 3 events. His 200 free was amazing in the morning swimming a strong 2:28 and earning the 5th spot for finals. His 100 breast was strong as he pushed his pace and dropped a whopping 10 seconds. His 100 fly though was a sight to see as he pushed out a 4 second drop winning the event by over 4 seconds! At finals he managed to improve his 200 free by 2 seconds from the morning and his place by 1 giving him 4th. The 100 breast he swam about the same time and ended with the same place he went in at which was 13th. His 100 fly he swam the same pace but you couldn't tell because the other boys were much more tired. His fly was as beautiful as they come and he won the event by 5 seconds and brought home the gold medal!

Savannah Griffin had another stellar day with the 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 fly. For the 200 free she pushed hard and had great walls and ended up with a 2 second time drop. Her breast wasn't too far off her best time and looked like she was trying to push the pace. In the 100 fly she pressed the stroke swimming out stronger than ever before and dropping  just under 4 seconds. Later that night at finals during her 100 fly she dropped another second and ended up taking home 4th place. Her fly continues to amaze me with how well she swims it.

Brooke Ramey continued her amazing swims on Saturday swimming in the 200 free, 50 free, and 100 fly. She pushed the 200 in the morning dropping right at 7 seconds and had some of the best turns in the pool. During the 50 free you could really tell she was reaching out to grab more water, dropping just under a second. She swam her 100 fly beautifully during the morning placing 5th but not pushing her time too hard. During the finals that night she bettered her 200 free by another 2 seconds and looked amazing during the race earning her 5th place. Her 50 free she dropped another .4 seconds,  showing everyone that she still swim her fastest, earning her 9th place. On the 100 fly, however, she pushed so hard that she took off 2 seconds from the morning and moved up 2 places earning her 3rd over all!

Ivan Tolkov was tough on Saturday! He raced in the 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 fly and made finals in 2 out of the 3. His 200 free was a huge improvement dropping 9 and a half seconds and looking really strong on the back half of the race. His 100 breast was awesome at a 2 second drop placing in the top 10 for the A finals. His 100 fly had a great improvement dropping over 6 seconds and looking strong on the second lap. During the finals he pushed hard and made it back to his best times from the morning on both events. His 100 breast he earned 9th place and his 100 fly he got 15th.

Jonathan Ware showed up ready to continue improving on Saturday. He raced in the 50 free and 100 fly and made finals in both events. His 50 free he dropped a second and a half earning a spot in the top 10 A finals. on the 100 fly he dropped almost 7 seconds earning a spot in the top 20 for the B finals. His 50 free that night was amazingly fast, dropping time in it again for the second time that day. He went in at 10th place and finished the race at 7th! You could really see how badly he wanted that race and he worked hard for that 3 place move up. His 100 fly went even better, dropping another 3 seconds from the morning and moving up 2 places as well. He ended up number 1 in the B finals which got him 11th place overall!

Alexandra Kemsley had one great Saturday morning. She competed in the 200 free, 50 free, and 100 fly and did so with all her speed. She went out in the 200 free dropping just under a second and earning the 10th spot in the A final. She was strong in the 50 free showing good form and pushed her speed all the way to the wall. Her 100 fly was amazing with just under a 9 second drop jumping up to the 8th spot for the A finals. When she got back for finals she went all out in the free keeping her 10th place finish! Continuing with her efforts from the morning though she dropping another 1.5 seconds and jumped her way up to 7th place with an amazing finish!

Day number 2 is done and day 3 is just around the corner. I am looking forward to seeing how our swimmers cope with this long meet doing morning and night races. So far they have stepped up to the plate and have impressed me to no end!


Coach Jason