Debra Jones: Star SSL Student

Debra Jones: Star SSL Student

Debra Jones, 60 and a Concord resident, participated in the fourth session of Swimming Saves Lives. She is now onto the Master’s Swim 50-Mile Challenge. In light of the great volunteer response we’ve had for the September 8, 9, and 11 session SSL, we thought it would be a treat for new SSL volunteers – and those in the future! - to find out a little bit about SSL’s graduates.

What is your swimming background?

I never had any formal training in swimming before SSL. My father taught me to swim when I was very young and encouraged my love of the water, which stayed with me throughout my life. My opportunities to swim were sporadic at best over the years, so I was excited to see the SSL course offered. I signed up in the hope that I would finally have an opportunity to learn correct and proper swimming techniques to improve my breathing, endurance, and form.

What did you find hardest about the session? What did you find the easiest?)

The hardest thing about the course for me was learning proper freestyle breathing technique. The easiest aspect of the session was the availability of teaching aids, such as the snorkel, to get and keep my body in the correct position without worrying about breathing.

What would you say to someone who is nervous to try SSL?

My advice to someone who might have some anxiety about trying SSL would be to go for it without letting fear or insecurity get in your way. Whatever your current level of ability, your one-on-one teacher will be with you the whole way, providing step-by-step instruction to take you, at your own pace, to the next level of proficiency.

Can you say a little about your teacher?

My teacher, Mimi, was kind, patient, and encouraging every step of the way. She provided immediate feedback and worked with me, able to relate to me at my own level, answering all my questions and allowing me to go at my own pace.

Tell us more about the Master’s Program 50-Mile Challenge and your swimming goals.

I've been working hard and making progress -- about a third of the way at this point -- determined to meet my objective. My long term goal is to gain strength and remain healthy and fit by incorporating this wonderful discipline into my regular routine.