Swim Team News


Parents, Swimmers, Board Members and Officials;

Thank you for making the practice meet yesterday one of the most successful we have had. Hopefully swimmers and parents now have a slightly better idea on what to expect at a meet. I would like to extend a special thank you to our officials for taking time out of their schedule to help make this more realistic. I have a couple of notes that I am asking for parents support on below.

  • Several of our male swimmers are still wearing boxer style swim trunks. Next week is our week for breaststroke and they will not be able to execute the kick properly in swim trunks. Please have your swimmer in proper swim team attire beginning Monday. Hopefully when you ordered your team suit you ordered a practice suit as well. Jammers or traditional Speedo style swim suits are required for practice.
  • Several swimmers told their coaches yesterday that they needed to get their stroke correction and how to swim their race from a parent. Please refrain from coaching your child, techniques have changed since you were a swimmer and your children are getting conflicting advice. Remember you wouldn't go to the a Auto Mechanic to fix your teeth you go to the Dentist. Your child coach has specific training and skills to teach your child the appropriate mechanics for their skill level. If your not a certified swim coach please refrain from coaching your child.
  • You probably noted that several of our swimmers have not mastered the art of diving or flip turns yet. Please do not be overly concerned if your swimmer falls in this category. Please know that these skills are a work in progress and your child/swimmer will continue to improve through out the season.

Please remember we want to develop a love for the sport of competitive swimming for novice swimmer and the opportunity for advanced swimmers to excel and reach their goals. Working as a team ( Parent/Swimmer/Coach) we can all help your child reach their potential. 

Thank you for your support.


Helen Lochow