Meet New Member Bryce Adger!

Did you know Walnut Creek Master's added 35 new members in 2014?  We are hoping to meet a few of them before we start our membership renewal drive for 2015. Our first new member feature is Bryce Adger!  Thanks for participating Bryce, and welcome to the Team!

1) Where did you grow up?
Dallas Texas!

2) Did you swim when you were growing up? Competitively at all?
No swimming for me…. I ran track growing up.

3) What do you do for a living?
I sell employee benefit packages to employers with Principal Financial Group.

4) How did you find out about WCM?
I am neighbors with a WCM member.

5) What is your favorite stroke?
I only know how to freestyle :), Im just too new .. ha ha!

6) What do you like better - distance or sprint?
Normally I loved sprints but I don’t mind distance swimming.

7) What has surprised you so far about being on the team? I love the awesome people that I swim with and the patience that the coaching staff has with me. I also like that fact that they push me to try new strokes and work harder.   

8) What is your favorite workout time and favorite before workout snack?
I love the laid back 7 p.m. session and I always have a half of pb&j before I jump in.