Winter schedule starts October 6
  1. We are officially starting our Winter practice schedule on Monday, October 6. Please review because every training group has a change or two from the Fall. Schedule is on our website
  2. All handouts from tonight’s Parent meeting are on our website – log in and go to “documents”
  3. Morning practices (before school ) start this week – All Senior 1-2-3 swimmers are invited, all Senior 1 swimmers are expected to attend most of them.  Start at either 5 AM or 5:30 AM, and swim for 90 minutes.  We start on Wednesday and go the following dates in                              October -8, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31 – November mornings to be announced.
  4. We are still switching pools, Main Pool heater still out. We’ll let you know when it is fixed.
  5. Clarification about Age you swim at swim meets–
    1. Most YMCA swim meets – swimmers swim their age as of December 1, 2014
      1. Exceptions – Nationals, the Virtual meet and PCY Sprint meet all use your age as of April 1, 2015
      2. Nationals and PCY Sprint meet – swimmers must be 12 by April 1, 2014
    2. All USA Swimming meets use your age as of the First Day of the Meet as age determination.