Meet New Member Bechir Romdhane!

New member Bechir (pronounced "Beshir") Romdhane is from Tunisia. He found out about WCM from participating in the October 2004 Pacific Masters Short Course meet at Clarke. Given that this weekend is our October meet 10 years later,  it is especially nice to meet Bechir now! Welcome to the team Bechir!

1. Where did you grow up?
 In Tunisia, North Africa.

2. Did you swim competitively?

I swam competitively and i played water polo

3. What did you do for a living?

I'm a Fleet Manager for a transportation company   

4 How did you find out about WCM?

My first US Master's meet  was in this pool October 2004. That 's how i find out about WCM.

5. What is your favorite stroke?

My favorite stroke is breaststroke.

6- Do you like better-  sprint or distance?

I prefer Sprint.

7) What has surprised you so far about being on the team?

I am surprised how large the team is and the different work out option times (5 workouts a day is great!)

8) What is your favorite workout time and favorite before workout snack?

My favorite workout time is 12 p.m. I do not snack before workout (I don't have favorite snack), and I prefer having a whole meal after workout.